7 Pedicure Tips for Happy Feet Between Visits

7 Pedicure Tips for Happy Feet Between Visits

There’s nothing like a pedicure when it comes to practicing self-care. Relaxing and fun, a pedicure is a fabulous way to pamper yourself and ensure your feet are in perfect condition. Whether getting ready for spring sandal season, maintaining your summer look, or treating yourself in the winter, a pedicure is just what you need. When you are looking for an exceptional spa experience, Mill Pond Salon is ready to treat you. Taking care of your feet is a year-round endeavor; however, spring and summer demand more upkeep. Whether wearing strappy sandals or going barefoot on the beach, you’ll want your feet looking their best while enjoying the sunshine. The perfect pedicure goes beyond getting your toes painted. From moisturizing to removing calluses, you’ll feel spoiled while your feet get whipped into shape. Happy Feet If you are looking for an exceptional spa experience, Mill Pond Salon is ready to treat you. Whether you’re in for an updated hairstyle, color repair, or microblading, we offer quality beauty services. You’ll love our personalized service, and you’ll walk out feeling fresh, confident, and happy. When it comes to pedicures, we provide luxurious services to make you and your feet feel spectacular. Happy Feet If you’re like most people, getting a regular pedicure is simply part of your beauty regimen. Keeping your skin soft and your toes looking gorgeous is a must for spring and summer. Wearing a variety of footwear requires specific maintenance to look your best. No one wants to be embarrassed about their feet. Instead of feeling self-conscious, schedule an appointment with Mill Pond Salon, and in the meantime, check out these fantastic pedicure tips for between appointments.

Say Goodbye to Rough Skin

Say Goodbye to Rough Skin Feet often experience a lot of rough and dry skin. The thick skin on your feet helps protect them, yet also poses issues when it comes to keeping them soft. You may find that between pedicure appointments, your feet are getting rough patches and drying out. This is especially true during the summer. The good news is you can even take care of this issue at home before you return to the salon. With the right foot file and some exfoliation, you’ll keep your feet summer ready. Using the file, you can remove tough skin. An exfoliation brush will help to brush the dead skin away and make your skin soft. Following up with a moisturizing cream ensures your feet stay soft and supple.

Soak it Up Soak it Up

We all know how important water is for our bodies. Our feet benefit from staying hydrated as well. Drinking plenty of water will help your feet retain moisture. When drinking water isn’t quite enough, enjoy a nice foot-soak. Not only will a soak help keep your feet moisturized, but it’s also an excellent chance to relax.

Using a Foot Cream

Using a daily foot cream will help maintain softness. Using regular lotion just won’t cut it, though. It’s essential to use a cream specially made for your feet. You need a cream that will truly penetrate the tough skin on your feet. Whether you have cracked heels, dry skin, or tough skin, daily use of the right foot cream will help keep your feet soft and smooth.

Keep Your Toenails Tip-Top

Keep Your Toenails Tip-Top If you’re between pedicure appointments, remember that regular nail polish shouldn’t stay on longer than two weeks. Thoroughly remove the nail polish and then indulge in a warm-water salt bath for your feet. After soaking your feet, dry them thoroughly and buff your toenails. Coating your toenails with a Vitamin E oil, olive oil, or almond oil, will help rejuvenate your nails and keep them healthy.

Sandal Safety

Often beauty comes before comfort. This adage is true when it comes to sandals, as well. Looking great in a strappy pair of sandals can also leads to better comfort. Unfortunately, the wrong pair of sandals can cause blisters or calluses on your feet. Make sure your sandals don’t have any rough points and that they fit correctly. If you’re going to be showing off your gorgeous pedicured feet, you’ll want to make sure you can walk without limping.

Relax and Enjoy!

Relax and Enjoy! Just because you’re between salon appointments doesn’t mean you can’t still get the spa treatment at home. While you’re caring for and maintaining your feet, you might as well relax and enjoy the experience. If your partner is available, ask for a quick massage when moisturizing after your foot soak. Read a book or listen to your favorite podcast while soaking in your salt foot bath. Whatever the case, make sure you’re taking some time for yourself. Use this time to refresh and relax. Whether you’re at home or sitting in the chair at the salon, make the best of this time for self-care.

The Salon Experience

Now that you have read these fantastic pedicure tips for keeping your feet gorgeous at home, you’ll be ready for your next salon appointment. Letting the professionals handle your pedicure every six to eight weeks will keep your feet looking perfect year-round. With these easy pedicure tips, you’ll never have to worry about having your toes sandal ready. The Salon Experience Keeping your feet looking spectacular is easy with the help of Mill Pond Salon. At Mill Pond, we strive to help you be your own kind of beautiful. We work to build relationships with our clients and get to know their personal style. You’ll leave the chair feeling confident, nurtured, and happy. A pedicure will make you look and feel fantastic. You’ll have the confidence to rock your spring and summer look with style. Our expert stylists will help you relax, refresh, and rejuvenate while caring for your feet. If you need to book an appointment for a pedicure, call us today! We can’t wait to work with you and give you the salon experience you deserve. Whether you’re looking for color correction, microblading, permanent makeup, or hair extensions, we offer the services you need. Come into Mill Pond Salon and pamper yourself. With only the best for our clients, you’ll love the salon experience. Make a pedicure a recurring part of your self-care routine today!