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7 Amazing Reasons to Choose Lash Lifts

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Lash lifts are the ultimate beauty luxury. They are the so-worth-it upgrade; looking in the mirror after a lash lift will make you feel like a princess.

If you have stubborn lashes – ones that are short and tough to apply mascara – lash lifts are a great solution.

You can try all the top-rated curlers out there, but they may not help at all. Or, maybe you’ve been attempting falsies or lash extensions.

Female eyes with extreme long eyelashes.

While lash extensions can be wonderful and make people feel beautiful, they are not for everyone. If you don’t like lash extensions, or are hesitant to try, there are other options!

That’s where lash lifts come in–the best of both worlds.. Lash lifts make your lashes look curled, full, and long (much like they do with extensions), but you won’t have to deal with as much upkeep.

You deserve to feel fabulous. So, get your lash lift at Mill Pond Salon. Book your appointment today.

Female eye with extreme long eyelashes and brush of mascara.

All About Lash Lifts

Think of a lash lift as a semi-permanent eyelash blow out. Lash lifts set the shape of your eyelashes with a chemical solution and cause the eyelashes to curl as they would naturally. Lash lifts are all about curl sizes.

Before your appointment, you will chat with your stylist to figure out which style you would like best, and the stylist will determine the curl size and shape for your lift from there. Your stylist has experience dealing with all types of lashes and can help guide you in the right direction.

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What Can You Expect?

Right away, keep in mind that the entire process may take up to an hour. When you get in for your first lash lift appointment, you will consult with your stylist about which type of lash curl you would like best.

The stylist will ask you what’s your ultimate goal with the lash lift style, and by the time they’re applied, you’ll be more than satisfied with the new look! Your stylist will wash her hands then be ready to get started.

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While they’re getting applied, the stylist will cleanse around your eye and put a silicone shield on your skin using a gentle adhesive. The top of the guard protecting your skin will be layered with glue as well, and then the stylist will carefully brush out the lashes to take their shape.

Once the eye-safe perming solution is put on, the eyelashes will soften so they can take shape to the lash lift. The stylist may let the perming solution sit for 12 minutes or so, depending on your lashes.

After this, your stylist will cleanse the area and use a neutralizer. After another round of cleansing, your stylist will apply a conditioner to ensure the lash lift lasts as long as possible.

Beautiful Woman with long lashes in a beauty salon.

A quick tip to remember: the 24 hours post lash lift is essential. Try not to get your lashes wet or wear mascara right way. Humidity isn’t the best idea either, so be sure to stay in a calm and comfortable place.

Using a serum, like Babe Lash Eyelash Serum, to moisturize them before going to bed will always help them last longer. Start using the serum 24 hours after getting your lash lifts. We carry this amazing product in the salon, be sure to grab a bottle on your way out.

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7 Reasons to Choose Lash Lifts

This article is quickly turning into a personal lash lift love letter. However, there are reasons why! We could list many more, but here are eight fantastic reasons to choose lash lifts:

  1. Lash lifts replicate the natural curl of your eyelashes.
  2. Lash lifts are effortless and low-key to care for.
  3. Lash lifts require a little moisturizing here and there.
  4. Lash lifts are customizable! You can try different styles of curl. Depending on the style you want, you can tell your stylist.
  5. Lash lifts last six to eight weeks long.
  6. Lash lifts are an affordable option for fantastic lashes.
  7. You can wear mascara with a lash lift (be sure to wait 24 hours after they’re applied).

Female eye with extreme long eyelashes and brush of mascara.

Lash lifts are versatile and incredibly low-maintenance. They can be customized to which eyelash styles you like best. If you’re looking for a lash upgrade, they are the perfect solution.

Oh, and get ready to get lots and lots of compliments. A lash lift will make it look like you’re wearing classy makeup every day – without having to apply much at all! Whether you wanted to lengthen or add volume, a lash lift will do both.

Female eye with extreme long eyelashes and brush of mascara.

The Perfect Salon and Stylists

At Mill Pond Salon, we want to let you experience the beautiful effortlessness that is a lash lift. Most importantly, we want to keep innovative beauty in mind at all times. That’s why we love lash lifts!

We want to make people feel as beautiful as they are. When you come to see us at the salon, you’ll notice the tiny moments are most important to use. The minute you relax in the chair, our goal is to make you feel special.

If you’ve been thinking about trying a lash lift, Mill Pond Salon is ready to show you how incredible they are. Let us virtually welcome you at least until you can walk into our farmhouse salon home to try natural products and the newest innovative ways of beauty.

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