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9 Top Hair Colors for 2019

Hair Styles 2019 Lilac

Changing your hair’s color is a fantastic way to update your look or completely transform your appearance. Whether you are looking for all-over color, full or partial highlights, or dimensional color, you should know which hair colors in 2019 are on-trend.

If you are ready to add some color to your hair, Mill Pond Salon is available for all of your color and styling needs. Our experienced stylists work to get to know you and want you to leave the salon feeling confident and fabulous. From hair cuts and microblading to extensions and color, we are here to help you look and feel gorgeous.  We offer an upscale salon experience with friendly and personal service.

When it comes to hair color, Mill Pond Salon offers a wide selection of options. All-over color, full and partial highlights, and color correction are just some of the services we provide. We are also experts at helping you decide which look is best for you and help you keeping up with the latest trends.

Are you looking for a new hair color in 2019? If so, check out these fantastic shades and choose an updated look that’s perfect for this year. Mill Pond Salon is ready for you and your color choices.

Copper Hair

Copper Hair

If you are looking to make a dramatic change to your hair color, consider copper. You’re sure to stand out in this vibrant and unique color. Warm highlights accentuate this look and add depth. If you’ve always wanted to be a redhead, copper is a fantastic way to make a bold statement.

With your new copper color, you’ll be able to accessorize with all types of jewel-toned clothing and even switch up your shades of makeup. Elevate your style with this one-of-a-kind hair color for your hot 2019 look.

Lilac Hair

Hair Styles 2019 Lilac

When it comes to playful colors, lilac is 2019’s answer to 2018’s rose gold. This pastel purple is an on-trend way to have some fun with your hair color and try something new and different. You’ll have a blast coordinating new outfits with this sensational color choice.

If you love vintage looks, this shade is perfect for your style. Modern and vintage collide to pull off this gorgeous purple tone. Get ready to be noticed with this such a dashing purple hue.

Milk Chocolate Hair

Hair Styles 2019 - Chocolate

No, we aren’t describing a delicious dessert; we are talking about one of the latest trends in colors for 2019. This vibrant color is a fantastic variation on typical brunette colors. With complementary shades seamlessly woven in, milk chocolate hair adds depth and warmth to your hairstyle.

Consider this chocolate tone for 2019 and enjoy a subtle yet beautiful style.

Chocolate Rose Gold Hair

Hair Colors 2019 Chocolate Rose Gold

One of the hottest looks for 2019 is the return of rose gold with a slight variation—a chocolate tint. Not only is this dimensional color absolutely gorgeous and stylish, but the upkeep is easy. The top of the hair is colored with a rich chocolate color, while pink tones are underneath. You won’t have to worry as much about touch-ups with the darker hue on top.

Stand out with this fabulous and original color. You’ll love the rich and alluring color as well as how relevant it is to 2019.

Beige Hair

Hair Styles 2019 Beige

If you have a lighter complexion and want that dramatic look, beige-blond hair is your go-to. When beige hair closely matches your skin tone, the effect is unique and gorgeous. The light blond hue is subtle enough on its own but will also stand out dramatically with a lighter skin tone.

Warm, soft, and light beige hair is both pretty and alluring. Style this look with clothing and accessories that include pale pinks, stunning silvers, and pastels.

Honey Hair

Honey Hair

Do you love being blond but are looking for a shade with significant depth and warmth that’s stronger than traditional platinum blondes? Honey colored hair is a fantastic way to create a dimensional hair color that is trending for every season of 2019.

This charming take on blond is a knock-out with rich tones and honey highlights. Charge your blond hair with this gorgeous variation for a striking look.

Grey Hair

Hair Styles 2019 Grey

There was a time when women hurriedly tried to cover up their grey to stop this common sign of aging. Fortunately, 2019 is seeing a shift, and we’re experiencing just the opposite: women are intentionally dying their hair grey for this new trend.

Grey hair is a beautiful way to celebrate any age proudly. You don’t have to worry about trying to cover your greying hair with all-over color. Instead, rock a brilliant silvery shade by using a purple shampoo to eliminate brassy or yellow tones.

Bronde Hair

Bronde Hair

Can’t quite decide between blond or brunette? No worries! Add more dimension to your style with bronde hair. Your blond stands out in natural light, while the chocolate color tones shine perfectly in low light.

Have the best of both worlds with this unique mashup of hair color. You’ll love the versatility of this blended color and can accessorize in a variety of ways thanks to the duality of these two colors.

Cold Brew Hair

Hair Styles 2019 Cold Brew

In line with the other popular coffee-tone hair colors in 2019, cold brew hair is an exciting new way for your brunette hair to be more daring. With light undertones added to the mid to lower sections of your hair, you’ll have that robust and memorable look that you’ve been looking for.

2019 Hair Color Style

If you’re ready for a new look for a new 2019 hair color, let Mill Pond Salon help you achieve your perfect color. We can find the most flattering color for your look as well as treat you to the full upscale salon experience.

Contact us to book an appointment and get the 2019 look you’ve been waiting for. Our knowledgeable stylists will provide you with color services that will leave you feeling and looking gorgeous. Have some fun with your hair and try something new for 2019!

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