About Us

Who We Are

Mill Pond Salon

At Mill Pond Salon, we are dedicated to beauty. It is our mission to help you feel beautiful in every way possible.

We want to highlight the beauty services that you could formerly only receive if you were in a big city. The beauty services that make your life easier, make you feel beautiful and help you achieve the style you are longing for, all within easy reach.

Mill Pond Salon is not what you expect to find in a thriving, but still, small town.

It’s taken lots of extra training, and hours and hours of study and practice to be able to provide the services now available in the community of New London/Spicer.

But that was the dream. From the beginning, Paulina believed that her love of woods and water, and wide open spaces didn’t mean she had to give up on providing high-end services for her clients. Isn’t it possible to have the most up-to-date techniques and stunning styles while still enjoying small town life?

Hours of dedication and additional advanced training in permanent make-up services, color correction, and make-up application mean that the best the city has to offer can now be found here in New London.

Not What You Expect

Being a stylist is so much more than styling hair all day long. Everyone at Mill Pond Salon understands that principle. To help each person find confidence in their style, these stylists listen to the people they serve. And then they need to have the right industry knowledge to follow through and make the clients dreams come true.

It’s the goal of each appointment according to Paulina.  “I strive to provide the best and most personalized service to meet each client’s unique style. This is so much more than a job to me.  If I can make a person happy by sitting in my chair, I have accomplished my goal.”

When you are ready for personalized style service, and you want to explore some of the finer services a salon can offer, check out Mill Pond Salon. Let us help you feel confident and beautiful with permanent makeup, hair extensions, a beautiful new cut or color. The experts at Mill Pond Salon are ready to help you find your best style.