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Are Hair Extensions Worth It? 5 Reasons to Give Them a Try

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Full, long, healthy-looking hair is something many of us desire. Achieving this look can often take years of growth and care. Fortunately, there is a salon-quality solution that can help give you a look you want without waiting for your hair to grow. You might wonder if hair extensions are worth it and if they’re the solution for you. We love hair extensions at Mill Pond Salon!  Come on it, and let’s talk!  

Hair extensions are indeed a fantastic way to achieve long, full, and styled hair. While you may have the patience for hair growth, you may also face some challenges other than just having patience.



As an example, your natural hair might never be as full as you want or have the desired texture you hope for. Your hair might also have previous damage that makes it hard to grow long or have the healthy, shiny look you want. In these cases especially, hair extensions are ideal for creating the hairstyle you want, and with ease.

At Mill Pond Salon, we offer beauty services that provide you with the on-trend styles that are perfect for your lifestyle. Now available in New London, MN not only in the city. If you are looking for a salon experience that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful, you’ll love the stylists at Mill Pond Salon.

Are hair extensions worth it? Check out these five reasons why you should give them a try.

1. The Length Without the Wait

HairOne of the most common reasons for choosing hair extensions is to have longer hair without waiting for it to grow out. In fact, some hair won’t grow past a certain point, which is frustrating for people who are looking for that long length.

Perhaps you’ve been the victim of a short haircut gone wrong, and now you wish you had your long hair back. Whatever the reason that you’re looking for long hair, hair extensions can easily solve your problem.

With just one salon appointment, you can almost instantly have the long hair you want. Hair extensions are an ideal solution for long locks without that long, painful wait. Hair extensions won’t damage your existing hair, either, making them a safe alternative to waiting for growth.

2. Pump Up the Volume


Aside from desiring longer length, often additional volume is another trait sought for long hair. Having full, thick hair is another achievable benefit of hair extensions. If you’ve been suffering from thin and limp hair, extensions can truly create the thickness and texture you’ve been looking for.

You’ll love the added thickness and volume that hair extensions provide. Extensions are the only way to add volume to your natural hair. With thicker and longer hair, you’ll be able to wear your hair down and look absolutely glamorous all at the same time.

3. Style For Days  

With additional length and volume, you’ll have the ability to style your hair in new and exciting ways. Whether a braid, high pony, or adding curl, the options are limitless with hair extensions. You’ll be able to create looks that were not possible without hair extensions. Hair extensions also give you a natural looking hairstyle without a lot of work. Extensions provide you with an effortless style that looks gorgeous and modern.

When it comes to hairstyles, extensions are great for special occasions. Whether you’re the bride or a member of the wedding party, or you have an important event coming up, extensions are a perfect way to create a dramatic look that will get you noticed. Hair extensions can safely take the heat of curling irons and straightening irons, allowing you to style however you want.

4. The Perfect Color


Have you been trying to achieve the perfect color for your hair? Are you afraid of making a permanent commitment? Whether you worry about the damage hair dye will do to your hair or what the results will look like, hair extensions are a perfect way of trying that new color without a long-term commitment.

You can try different highlights or lowlights with extensions, and if you end up unhappy with the results, you don’t have to worry about the permanence.

5. Ditch the Damage


Wanting healthy, shiny, and strong hair is something most of us look for. You likely use many various hair products to maintain healthy hair. Extensions are safe to use in your hair and won’t cause any damage. Knowing that you can add length, volume, and color without causing any damage to your hair is another excellent reason to try hair extensions.

Maintaining your natural hair’s luster and beauty is essential to attaining the styles and looks you want. Hair extensions ensure your hair remains healthy and looking its best no matter what style you choose.

The Perfect Salon and Stylists

If you’re ready to try hair extensions and add the volume, length, and style you’ve been dreaming of, contact Mill Pond Salon today. Our experienced and caring stylists are here to give you the salon experience you’re looking for.

At Mill Pond Salon, we look forward to boosting your confidence and helping you feel gorgeous. From the moment you sit down in one of our chairs to when you walk out of the salon, you’ll appreciate our attention to detail and personal touches.

If you’re looking for an upscale salon with all of the beauty services to make you look and feel your best, Mill Pond Salon is ready to welcome you. You’ll love our modern bohemian farmhouse feel and commitment to pampering. Make an appointment today, whether for new extensions, new color, or a unique style.


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