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We’re Using Aveda Hair Color for Gorgeous Looks

BLonde hair achieved using Aveda color

If you know anything about hair products, then you have likely heard of Aveda. Stylists love this brand and are proud to offer Aveda Hair Color in their salons. And not just for the amazing scent (although it IS amazing!) 

The stylists at Mill Pond Salon know hair color services. Whether you are ready to go for a color change or covering up your grays, we can recommend the right color for you. Please schedule an appointment with a stylist at Mill Pond Salon, where we now offer Aveda coloring services.

In this article, we are going to share why we love Aveda Hair Color!

What Should I Know About Aveda?

Aveda products on a shelf at Mill Pond SalonAveda is an environmentally friendly company based out of Minneapolis, MN. Aveda offers products across the beauty spectrum, including: 

  • Skin and body care
  • Cosmetics
  • Perfume
  • Hair color
  • Hair care products

Stylists are dedicated to Aveda Hair Color because it is 93% plant-derived. Aveda cares not only about the environment but is on a mission to better the world.

The founder states Aveda’s mission statement beautifully. “We care for the world we live in from our products to the ways we give back to the society.” 

Aveda Hair Color is remarkable because it is fade-resistant. Aveda salons are using high-quality color products that condition the hair and glorious add shine.

I’ve Decided to Change my Shade. What Now?

A gorgeous hair color service at Mill Pond Salon

Aveda offers several shades of semi-permanent and permanent coloring, but how do you know what shade to choose? 

Aveda offers numerous shades of hair color to create your unique look! Your stylist can completely customize your hair color to help you achieve the look of your dreams.

If you need some help deciding on your next hair color, scheduling a consultation with a colorist at Mill Pond Salon is your best bet. Or, for an at-home solution, try the Aveda Virtual Hair Color Tool!

When deciding on a new hair color, it’s best to scour Pinterest and provide plenty of inspiration pics for your stylist. Keep in mind that the stylist may need more than one session to get the shade just right to maintain your hair’s health and integrity. (This is especially true for blondes.)

Whether it’s in one session or a couple, you’ll walk out of Mill Pond Salon with the hair of your dreams.

Maintain Your Shade

Aveda Shampure Dry ShampooIf your hair is damaged or dry, it may be difficult for your hair to hold color molecules. Use Aveda conditioning treatments like the Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque to help with the damage.

 It will also help to get regular trims and avoid excessive heat use to keep your mane healthy. 

There are a few other suggestions stylists recommend to maintain your Aveda Hair color:

  • Wash hair as infrequently as possible and rinse with tepid or cool water
  • Use an Aveda dry shampoo like the Shampure Dry Shampoo
  • Keep your hair protected from UV rays with a hat or scarf or hair SPF like the Aveda Daily Light Guard Defense Fluid Broad Spectrum SPF
  • Use the Color Conserve shampoo and conditioner
  • Try a non-damaging, color-depositing conditioner like Maria Nila Colour Refresh between salon appointments

What Does Aveda Offer for Color Conservation? 

Keep your Aveda hair color from fading with the right products that keep the color vibrant. 

Aveda has a line called Color Conserve, which is formulated to maintain and liven color-treated hair. The line offers a shampoo, conditioner, and a daily maintenance solution. 

The “color conserve” line offers several lovely plant-based ingredients, including:

  • Green tea leaf extract
  • Citrus peel extract
  • Pine bark extract
  • Grape seed extract
  • Milkvetch root extract

Aveda salons encourage the line for colored hair because it extends the color’s vibrancy by resisting fading. The products also offer protection against the damaging effects of the sun, water, and the environment. With each use, hair is left feeling silky and shiny. 

What Are The Latest Trends to Wear Vibrant Color?

Bright purple peek-a-boo hairSeveral fun trends have emerged as coloring techniques. Stylists can hand-create a look using Aveda Hair Color that goes beyond the classic all-over color. 

“Color drench” is a trend where the stylist drenches the hair with color from scalp to end. The result is a vibrant, intense depth that is sure to turn heads. 

“Color melt” is where the color becomes more intense and vibrant towards the hair’s ends. The roots may be closer to your natural color while the color pops at the end. This trend is especially beautiful on long hair, though shorter looks can also pull it off successfully.

With “color frame,” there is a speckle of color applied to the hair often to frame the face while the rest of the hair is another color. To make it stand out, choose a significantly different color than the rest of your hair. 

“Color dip” is a trend where color is applied just to the very ends of the hair. This look also stands out if you choose a vibrant pop of color different from natural hair. Think Bright pink tips on dark brown hair. 

With “color undercover,” the color is applied to the lower layers of the hair. The result is “peek-a-boo” color, which stands out well when you choose bright colors like red or purple. 

Change Your Shade With Aveda Hair Color at Mill Pond Salon!

An after picture of a brunette style at Mill Pond SalonSo, what’ll it be: all-over-color or a trendy color application? Mill Pond Salon can give you your desired look. 

We are proud to use Aveda products, including Aveda Hair Color, to provide high-quality, safe products you will love. 

Mill Pond Salon is a small-town salon in New London offering big-city services. Schedule an appointment today and have a consultation about the right Aveda hair color for you!

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