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Hair Care is Aveda Sun Care

Young woman with sun shape on the shoulder holding sun cream bottle on the beach

Here comes the sun 

Most of us are aware of the long-lasting effects the sun can have on the skin. We take steps through sunscreen and protective clothing to guard against it. Less widely known is the impact sun can have on hair. Prolonged exposure to the sun without some form of protection, like Aveda Sun Care, can result in brittle, dry, and frizzy hair. 

Over time, hair is damaged by time spent in the pool or salt from seawater. However, Mill Pond Salon has your solution to your hair troubles. Aveda Sun Care can help repair the harmful effects of sun exposure on hair and help prevent it from happening in the first place. 

UVA and UVB rays can damage the cuticle of the hair, which is vital to overall hair health as the protective cover of the hair strand. According to the Cleveland Clinic, you may be more prone to hair damage if your hair is fine, light-colored, or if you are African American. Additionally, chemicals such as chlorine from pools can add to the damage if left on hair untreated. 

The damage may seem inevitable unless you stay out of the sun entirely. No one wants to stay inside when there is fun outside to be had. Sunshine is important for mental health, and time outside provides plenty of opportunities to exercise, see friends, and visit new places. 

What are you to do to best care for your hair and keep it healthy and still enjoy your favorite activities and adventures?

Before the Damage Takes Place



One of the best times to take care of your hair is before the damage occurs, rather than repairing hair once it is already dry or brittle. Caring for it properly with gentle products before the harmful effects arise is one of the most effective ways to ensure your hair is always healthy. 

Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil is a great way to safeguard your hair when you are outside enjoying the sunshine. 

This water-resistant, lightweight mist forms an invisible shield that protects your hair from damage. Your hair is less likely to take on the harm from sun exposure or damage from time on the water if it is shielded with this color-safe UV defense mist. 

Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil works to protect hair from drying out by using UVA/UVB filters taken from natural oils.

Other ways to try to avoid hurting your hair include:

  • Covering it with a hat or scarf when outdoors. 
  • Protecting it from wind or different weather conditions can help prevent harm as well. 
  • Take special precautions with recently treated hair.
  • It is important to treat hair gently, as a too-hot flat iron can further the damage done by the sun.

Repairing The Damage with Aveda Sun Care

Aveda Sun Care Repair Masque at Mill Pond Salon

In many cases, you may not realize the damage occurred until it is too late. You have been out enjoying the outdoors boating, at the beach, or a park regularly. Suddenly your hair seems dry or harder to manage than normal. 

What can you do to help reverse your damaged hair? 

Aveda Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque is a color-safe cream hair mask that moisturizes the hair. It can help restore the look and texture of sun-damaged hair. 

This mask uses Tamanu oil and certified organic coconut oil to soothe the cuticle and help to restore the look of healthy hair. It can be applied after a day spent in the sunshine or periodically to help prevent further weakening and injury to the hair follicle. 

All you need to do is shampoo hair, apply the mask evenly over the whole of the hair while wet, and leave in for approximately 5 minutes. When you rinse, you will notice your hair feeling healthier and stronger. 

Aveda Sun Care is the TLC your hair needs


Occasionally you may notice that your hair requires some serious TLC. There may be buildup from harsh pool chemicals and not so natural hair-styling products. Or time spent outside has done a number on your hair. 

To repair this level of damage, use Aveda Sun Care Hair & Body Cleanser. Use this gentle but thorough cleanser in the shower, applying to wet hair. And use it before the Aveda Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque to most effectively restore the look and feel of healthy hair. 

The ingredients of green tea, certified organic sunflower oil, and vitamin E will go to work removing built-up products as well as salt and chlorine residue. 

Think of it as soothing the damage from the sun. This product can be used every day if you are regularly in the sun or used periodically when exposed to the sun. 

It is also safe on hair that has been treated or colored at the salon recently. Aveda Sun Care Hair & Body Cleanser can even be applied to the body where the helpful ingredients of coconut and Tamanu oil can work their magic on your skin too. 

Selecting the Right Products


One of the keys to long-term overall hair health is the selection of the correct hair products. Choosing to use treatments that are gentle, safe for hair that is bleached, dyed, or fair is key to preventing damage, and effectively treating any existing damage.

If you aren’t sure how best to protect or treat your hair, schedule a virtual consultation with one of the stylists at Mill Pond Salon, and you can get started on the path to healthier, happier hair. 

This consultation will go over the history of your hair care as well as what could be causing any damage you might be experiencing, and suggest products to use to maximize your hair health. You can also purchase Aveda Sun Care from Mill Pond Salon via our website.


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