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Which Brow Tattooing Technique is Right For You?

a woman with microbladed eyebrows

Microblading is a fantastic procedure that can save you the time and hassle you usually spend fussing over your eyebrows every morning. But, did you know there are other brow tattooing techniques you can get to achieve your desired look?

At Mill Pond Salon, we are confident that we can help you find the perfect brow tattooing style that will give you your best eyebrows ever.

Whether you want to define a specific shape, fill in sparse areas, or add fullness to your eyebrows, brow tattooing can be your perfect solution.

There are many technique options to choose from, so keep reading this blog post to determine which style of brow tattooing will create the eyebrows that are the right ones for you.

What to expect from brow tattooing

a collage of microbladed eyebrows. Before, after, healed and touchup shots

With any brow tattooing technique you choose, prepare for the following steps. 

At least two appointments

Eyebrow tattooing requires, at a minimum, two appointments. 

Just like regular tattoos, it’s essential to come in after your initial procedure to touch-up the previous work. Scheduling a follow-up appointment aka a perfection session ensures your result is a pair of brows you absolutely love.

Each type of tattooing style varies in the number of touch-ups you will need. Some may need a yearly revisit, while others can go longer in between appointments.

Healing time and aftercare

Eyebrow tattooing requires a little time and love afterward. The better you care for your eyebrows after your appointment, the better they will look.

Be sure to keep the area as free of moisture as possible. You should reduce sweating to a minimum, and avoid any hardcore workouts. 

Some aftercare antiseptic ointment might be necessary to aid in speedy, bacteria-free healing. You can easily pick up a tube over-the-counter and apply as needed until your brows heal fully.

A little scabbing is a normal thing, but remember, do not pick! Picking these scabs can cause unwanted scarring and patchy brows.

Additionally, your eyebrows will start out darker and lighten up over time. You’ll know your eyebrows are ready when they’ve lightened up quite a bit. Results are typically 30-50% lighter once healed. They will also shrink slightly.

Microbladinga woman with freshly microbladed eyebrows

Microblading is a particular technique used to tattoo the skin. It requires a small handheld tool that has many tiny needles that deposit semi-permanent ink into the skin. 

This style of brow tattooing creates hair-like strokes, giving you the most natural finish of all of these techniques. 

Microblading is a great place to start when deciding to get semi-permanent eyebrows. 

Microblading isn’t ideal for all skin types, so it is a good idea to schedule an initial consultation appointment to make sure it’s the best choice for you. A consultation appointment will allow you to determine what shape you would like as a result of the treatment and can answer any questions you might have.

To learn even more about microblading specifically, read Microblading 101, a blog post written by the owner of Mill Pond Salon, Paulina.

Ombre Shading

a woman with ombre shaded eyebrowsOmbre Shading is a brow tattooing technique that gives a more “makeup look.” Rather than doing hair-like strokes, this style of brows gives you the appearance of filled in or drawn on eyebrows.

This technique is called Ombre Shading because it is lighter towards the front and darker towards the tail of the eyebrow. 

If you’re a glam girl, this style of eyebrows is the right one for you!

Furthermore, if you have had a brow tattooing technique done somewhere else in the past that wasn’t quite right, Ombre Shading is ideal for cover-ups and fixing any previous mistakes.

Ombre Shading works well on all skin types and even requires fewer touch-ups than other brow tattooing techniques.


a woman with combination tattooed eyebrows

The Combination brow tattooing technique is just as it sounds, a combination of Microblading hair strokes and Ombre Shading.

This brow tattooing style is terrific for adding density to your eyebrows or giving them some extra fullness, especially towards the tail.

Additional touching up may be required due to the smaller strokes, but the denser areas should last years.

Let’s Recap


  • The most natural-looking due to the small, hair-like strokes
  • May need more touch-ups than other styles of brow tattooing
  • Not suited for all skin types

Ombre Shading

  • Looks the most like makeup
  • Needs fewer touch-ups
  • Great for all skin types
  • Ideal for covering up other eyebrow work


  • Perfect for adding more fullness to the brow
  • A combination of Microblading and Ombre Shading create a unique eyebrow, perfectly catered to the look you want

Wrapping it all up

microblading close-up, hands adding pigment to eyebrows.

Still not convinced that brow tattooing is for you? Check out this list of people who might benefit from microblading.

Whatever style eyebrows you choose, Mill Pond Salon is the best place to get them done. Committed to bringing big-city services to the New London/ Spicer area, you’ll find your new favorite salon with us.

Make yourself at home in our chairs and relax with the spa-like scent of our Aveda products.

Feel confident, and cut back on the time you spend getting ready every day after your amazing brow tattooing appointment. Make one today!

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