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Get Your Softest Hair and Skin Ever with Aveda Cherry Almond

Soft hair and skin create an aura of health, wellness, and vibrancy. Sometimes, with our busy lives, it can be a challenge to prioritize the kind of beauty we want to have.

With Aveda Cherry Almond hair and skincare products, your beauty routine becomes a thing you’ll find the time to do. Read on to find out how Aveda and Mill Pond Salon can help you win your skin and hair care game.

Mill Pond Salon is your go-to for fresh and new Aveda products, as well as all your old favorites. Schedule an appointment at Mill Pond Salon, and request your stylist use the Aveda Cherry Almond line.

A few tips from the pros

aveda cherry almond shampooNext time you come in for a Mill Pond Salon service, it might be a good time to evaluate your beauty choices. You can stretch the “fresh from the stylist” feeling into the weeks between appointments and delight your senses with products from the Aveda Cherry Almond line. 

Further, a few tweaks to your hair and skin grooming patterns will keep your style on point weeks after your service. Check it out.

Wash your hair on a variable schedule

blonde woman shampooing her hairShampooing your hair is a fine art. Each week, your activity level may change, and seasonally, your hair endures a variety of environmental stressors. These factors influence your weekly shampooing best practices.

For example, if you’ve exercised intensely for several days, you’ll want to shampoo the sweat out of your hair after each workout to avoid oil build-up and lack-luster locks. 

Conversely, in the winter when the air is dry, you may want to wait a day or two between shampoos to guard against static and split ends. 

In either case, Aveda Cherry Almond Shampoo will help you deeply cleanse your hair without over-drying. The coconut-derived ingredients combined with babassu oil leave your hair soft and manageable no matter how often you use it.

Follow your shampoo with Cherry Almond Softening Conditioner for detangling and the natural benefits of organic coconut oil and shea butter.  And, the fresh cherry almond scent lingers on your locks for an all-day experience. 

Be gentle with wet hair

a woman coming wet hair with conditioner in itYour hair is most vulnerable to damage or breakage when it’s wet. When you hop out of the shower, blot or press your hair dry with a towel. 

Wringing and twisting hair can stretch it beyond the breaking point and leave you with less shine and softness. Rubbing your hair with a towel creates tangles, so take it easy.

For extra softness after you shower, especially for notoriously dry or coarse hair, try Cherry Almond Leave-In Conditioner. A dab worked through your damp hair with your fingers goes a long way to detangle and prep your hair for further styling.

Finally, save the bulk of your heat or brush-styling for when hair is 90% dry. This practice will result in prolonged softness and less damage over time.

Preserve your treatment with environmental protection

woman smiling in sun hatOnce you’ve given your hair a deep and relaxing dive into Cherry Almond bliss, don’t forget to protect your hair from real-world stress like sunlight, rain, wind, and dirt.

Find a hat you love when you’re out for a stroll, sit under an umbrella at the beach, or tuck your tresses into a scarf when the top is down on your daily commute. You’ll preserve the benefits and aroma of your regular hair care with these simple tips.

Soft skin is easy and fast with Aveda Cherry Almond products

woman applying aveda cherry almond lotionWhen you want to duplicate the softness of your hair everywhere else, use Aveda body wash and lotion. 

Cherry Almond body wash is safe and gentle enough to use every day on your whole body. This product also combines Babassu oil and coconut ingredients to rinse away clean and residue-free. 

The cherry almond scent envelopes you as you scrub and creates a “spa” experience no matter where you’re bathing.

Follow your scrub-down with a generous dollop of Cherry Almond body lotion to complete your DIY pampering treatment. This lotion is lightweight and absorbs quickly so you can get on with your fabulous day. 

Even when you’re on the go, you deserve to enjoy the softness of your skin and the fresh, light scent of Aveda’s expertly crafted aromas.

Responsible beauty begins with responsible products

woman getting her hair washed in a shampoo bowlEven though we all want reliable beauty, we must remember that taking care of our planet is the most beautiful thing we can do. Aveda and Mill Pond Salon are your partners in ethical ingredient sourcing, trade policies, and “green” production practices.

At Mill Pond Salon, we are proud to feature Aveda products that are:

  • 97% naturally derived, with 100% naturally derived aromas
  • Packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled bottles
  • Plant and flower-derived from 38 essences
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Manufactured with wind power and carbon offsets

At Mill Pond Salon, we offer an expansive array of Aveda products in a variety of sizes and price points. No matter your budget, we’ve got an Aveda product that will make you feel heavenly while offering visible benefits for your skin and hair.

Your softest hair and skin are begging to be uncovered and shown off. Mill Pond Salon and Aveda are ready to pull out all the stops as we create and maintain your healthy, soft, radiant, glowing skin, and hair. 

Mill Pond Salon offers big-city beauty in the New London, Spicer, and Willmar, MN communities. Schedule your appointment today and start seeing and feeling your softer side, beautifully.

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