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Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Eyebrow Lamination Appointment

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Did you know that 78% of women spend an hour applying makeup? Almost a quarter of that time is spent perfecting their eyebrows. Are you among the 78%? 

If yes, then Mill Pond salon has the perfect solution for you. Our eyebrow lamination services are quite famous and will ensure you wake up with the perfect eyebrows.

Here’s a quick guide to everything you need to know about the lamination process, from your initial appointment to the aftercare regime. 


What is Eyebrow Lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment that coats your brow hairs with a protein solution. This treatment helps to thicken, lengthen, and shape your eyebrows. The result is full, soap brows that look polished and well-groomed.


Benefits of Eyebrow Lamination

woman undergone Eyebrow Lamination Services

If you’re unsure if eyebrow lamination is for you, here are a few benefits that can change your mind. First and foremost, the lamination treatment can help give you picture-perfect brows. If you have sparse and thin brows, the treatment can make them appear fuller and thicker.

Lamination can also help you tame unruly brows and ensure frizzy brows stay in place all day. Lastly, lamination can help save you time while giving you a more polished look. If you’re constantly on the go and don’t have enough time to do your brows, eyebrow lamination can be a great option.


What To Expect in Your First Eyebrow Lamination Appointment 

When you arrive for your appointment, your stylist will start by assessing your brows and discussing with you the look you want to achieve. Next, they will prep your brows using a hair softener and leave it on for around five minutes. 

Afterward, your stylist will apply a perming solution to adjust the pH of your brow hairs. This solution breaks down the bonds between the cells in your eyebrows. After applying the solution, your stylist will use a special brush to style your eyebrows into the shape you desire. They will then wrap your eyebrows in plastic or cellophane to help set the shape.

Finally, your stylist will apply a neutralizing solution to your eyebrows. The solution will help set the shape of your eyebrow.


How Do I Prepare for My Eyebrow Lamination Appointment?

Before you head in for your lamination, there are a few things you can do to prepare. 

  • Clean your eyebrows– Ensure your eyebrows are free of makeup, oils, and dirt. This will help the lamination solution adhere better and give you more even results.
  • Avoid plucking your eyebrows– This will give your skin time to recover and help prevent irritation during the lamination process.
  • Avoid exfoliating and using new products– It’s also a good idea to avoid using new skincare products, particularly those that are exfoliating, in the week leading to and following your appointment. These can irritate your skin and make it more sensitive to the lamination solution.


Is Eyebrow Lamination Safe?

Eyebrow lamination is a safe and non-invasive process, especially when done by a professional. However, there are some potential side effects you should be aware of. They include redness, swelling, and itching. Most of these side effects fade within 48 hours and don’t affect the outcome of your brows. 


Who Should Avoid Eyebrow Lamination?

Although eyebrow lamination is a safe and non-invasive procedure, some individuals have a high risk of reaction. It’s best practice to avoid eyebrow lamination if:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding– there’s a risk that the products may be absorbed into your bloodstream and harm your baby.
  • You have hypersensitive skin-To avoid allergic reactions, speak to your stylist before your treatment.
  • You’ve used acne treatment products such as benzoyl or retinol within the month- acne products sometimes thin out the skin, and you could have a skin reaction during your treatment.


How Long Does Eyebrow Lamination Services Last?

Eyebrow lamination is semi-permanent and lasts anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. However, it is important to note that everyone’s hair is different. Therefore, the longevity of a lamination process will vary from person to person. 

It depends on:

Your hair type– if you have thin eyebrow hair, your results will last longer.

Your hair’s growth cycle– If your hair grows quickly, you might need to retouch your brows after six weeks.

Your aftercare routine– after your appointment, remember to stick to an aftercare routine to ensure your results last longer.


How Do I Care for My Eyebrows After Lamination?

Eyebrow lamination aftercare instruction

Once your appointment is over, it’s important to take care of your eyebrows to ensure the best possible results. Avoid getting your eyebrows wet for the first 24 hours after your appointment. This includes washing your face, sweating, and swimming.

After the 24-hour mark, you can gently clean your eyebrows with a mild cleanser. Avoid using harsh cleansers or exfoliants, as these irritate your skin. It’s also important to avoid using any makeup on your eyebrow for at least 48 hours after your appointment. 

This includes brow gels, pencils, and powders. Makeup can interfere with the lamination process and prevent your eyebrows from looking their best. If you follow these simple care instructions, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful, well-laminated eyebrows for weeks to come!


Final Thoughts

Eyebrow lamination is a great way to achieve a polished, well-groomed look. Luckily, Mill Pond salon is dedicated to providing great service and helping you achieve the eyebrows of your dreams. Contact us today to book an appointment with our lamination experts or visit our salon in New London, Minnesota.

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