Eyelash Extensions

Are a Great Way To Draw Attention To Your Eyes

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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a great way to draw attention to your eyes. While many avoid them as they think these extensions are cumbersome, they certainly don’t have to be. If you are interested in eyelash extensions but have never tried them, you’re not alone.

Adding extensions can really make your eyes pop, plus you also look more alert and focused during your day. If you think your eyes are one of your best features, extensions are a fantastic way to highlight them!

If you’re looking for these high-quality lash extensions, check out the professionals at Mill Pond Salon. Though we are new to the area, our staff has years of experience and specialty and is ready to apply new eyelash extensions that you’ll love.

Having eyelash extensions applied isn’t difficult, or at least not as complicated as many people assume. Getting show-stopping lashes doesn’t have to be scary or painful. A trained and educated professional makes the process smooth and painless.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

You might not even be entirely sure what an eyelash extension even is. Let’s look into that first. Eyelash extensions use synthetic fibers to create fuller, more dramatic lashes that attach to your natural lashes. These faux lash applications bond to your eyelid with high-quality, medical grade adhesives.

When you choose eyelash extensions, you can pick from a variety of sizes and curl options. Typically, the sizes come between 6mm and 18mm. When eyelash extensions are applied correctly and well-cared for, they should last up to six weeks.

As your eyelashes naturally shed, the extensions will eventually fall out. If you are concerned about losing your enhanced lashes, don’t worry! Refills are always available. In fact, if you schedule a refill for two to three weeks in, your lashes will never miss a beat.

One thing many potential eyelash extension wearers wonder is if there is harm to their natural lashes. If you schedule an appointment with our licensed and certified professionals, your natural lashes will be just fine.

Remember, an improper application by anyone less than a trained professional could result in damage to your natural lashes. Doing some research ahead of time on the stylist should ease any concerns. Your stylist (like the stylists at Mill Pond Salon!) should have plenty of trained experience in choosing the correct type of lash, as well as one that is not too heavy. This will significantly increase the likelihood of these gorgeous and successful extensions. Don’t forget to avoid rubbing your eyes, though, which can lead to breakage.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

The day of your appointment, you should avoid wearing mascara both the day before or the day of your appointment. Using oil-based makeup around your eyes could also affect how well the extensions adhere. Plan on being at the salon for one to two hours for your first appointment. The style and volume you choose can also affect the duration of the appointment.

During the actual application, you will likely feel very relaxed. Similar to getting a haircut, or a pedicure, you’ll get a little time to yourself to get pampered. After the initial consultation where you and your stylist agree on the style of lashes, you’ll be asked to lay back on a reclined chair or bed.

Next, a hydrating pad will be applied to your lower lid to separate your bottom lashes from your upper eyelashes. These gel pads will keep your lower lashes from interfering with your top lashes while the stylist works. These gel pads are applied so lower lashes do not become entangled.

Next, your stylist will use different pairs of tweezers, which might seem slightly frightening as they are near your eyes, but don’t panic. You keep your eyes closed through the entire process. These tweezers are used to separate, grasp, and apply your new eyelashes.

During the application, your stylist will likely rotate between your eyes. It might feel like she is skipping sections, but don’t worry. In the end, you’ll have full, lush lashes that look fantastic. Typically, a sealant is used at the end to reinforce the adhesive. Additionally, sometimes your stylist will use a fan to ensure your new lashes are completely dried.

As a side note, to prepare for the appointment, consider using the restroom before beginning. The duration can be anywhere from one and a half hours to three or four hours, depending on the type of lash extension and your natural lashes. It is not uncommon for clients to fall asleep during the appointment.

After the gel pad removal, you can open your eyes and check out your new lashes. You’ll be surprised what a difference high-quality extensions make.

Addressing Common Concerns

A common fear many people report before getting eyelash extensions is the fear of going blind. The lashes themselves will not cause blindness. If the adhesive gets into your eye, it could cause issues, but is unlikely to happen, especially with professionals.

This fact alone is why it is crucial to go to a respectable salon with a licensed stylist. However, because the application is such a small amount of adhesive, this possibility is an infrequent outcome.

Additionally, some people wonder how long until they can shower or wash their face after application. We recommended you avoid moisture and steam for a full 48 hours. You can take a shower; just take precautions to keep water away from your eyes.

Similarly, try to avoid crying for the first couple of days. Tears can also cause the adhesion to break. Avoid any sappy movies and shows at girls’ night for two days or so.

Another common question is whether or not one can wear mascara with eyelash extensions. Most stylists do not recommend mascara as removing the mascara can break the bond between the extensions and your lid. However, the beauty of extensions is that you should not have to wear mascara. Your eyelashes will appear naturally full and lush all on their own. It is okay to wear mascara on your lower lashes if you want but steer clear of waterproof mascara.

When you wash your face or use makeup removers, choose products formulated for eyelash extensions, or specifically mention they are safe to use with extensions. Many products have ingredients that can weaken or break the adhesion.

Some people also wonder about the upkeep, and if it is necessary to remove and redo extensions every couple of weeks. Surprisingly, this isn’t necessary. As your natural lashes grow and shed, typically on a six or eight week cycle, your extensions do eventually fall out.

A trained professional will be able to apply new lashes that blend in with your natural lashes, as well as any current extensions that haven’t fallen out yet. If you want to maintain a full and lush look, a refill is recommended every two to three weeks.

Final Thoughts

There are a few things you can do between appointments to extend the life of your lashes. To start, being gentle with your lashes is the most important thing. Avoid harsh cleansers or mechanical eyelash curlers. These can damage the extensions or even cause them to fall out.

Try not to touch the extensions as much as possible. Whenever you manipulate them, you risk weakening the bond. Also, avoid using cream-based liners on your upper lid.

Surprisingly, using a silk or satin pillowcase can also help maintain your extensions. Using a cotton or synthetic pillowcase could actually cause your extensions to dry or snag or the material.

Call Mill Pond Salon

Eyelash extensions are definitely not as high maintenance as you might initially thought. They are a brilliant, sophisticated way to enhance your look without having to apply mascara daily.

If you are interested in eyelash extensions, contact us at Mill Pond Salon. We’re ready for you! We have the professional experience you need at a price you’ll appreciate.


Eyelash extensions typically cost anywhere from $175.00 to $300.00. These prices vary depending on how voluminous or full of a set of eyelashes you would like. The more lashes, the higher the price.

After the initial lash extension application, the price of fills can range anywhere from $60 to $80. Lash extension removal appointments usually cost around $30.

The length of time your eyelash extensions last depends on your personal hair growth rate. However, you can expect extensions to last about six weeks with proper care.

To keep your lashes intact, be gentle with them. Use products that are specially formulated for eyelash extensions. Avoid touching them as much as possible, and do not use eyelash curlers. Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase can help preserve the integrity of your extensions as well.

For the best results, getting fills every 2-3 weeks will keep your eyelash extensions looking their best.

When applied properly by a reputable lash technician, extensions should not ruin the integrity of your natural lashes. Choosing the right lash and the right amount of extensions for your eyes with the help of a trusted technician will also help prevent unwanted damage to your natural eyelashes.

Do not rub your eyes or tug on your extensions and your natural eyelashes should remain healthy. Do not attempt to remove your extensions yourself. If you want to remove your lash extensions before they fall off naturally, it is always best to have a professional do it.

A classic full set of lashes is usually anywhere from 70 to 80 lashes per eye. This amount of lashes is great for everyday wear and is a perfect starting point for eyelash extension newbies.

If you’re looking for more volume, a technician may use 2-6 lashes for each natural lash on your eye. Or, about 350-400 lashes per eye.

For the most dramatic look, you should opt for a mega volume set of lashes. This style of lashes could be up to 600 lashes per eye!

Putting mascara on eyelash extensions is not recommended by most technicians. Removing the mascara can break the bond between your eyelid and the extensions. In fact, the majority of lash technicians recommend you avoid wearing mascara and other oil-based makeup around your eye area the day before and the day of your appointment.

Similarly, most stylists recommend that you avoid wearing cream eyeliners while you have eyelash extensions. Many ingredients in cream eyeliners and mascaras can break or weaken the lash adhesive, causing your extensions to fall out much sooner than they would normally.

It is important to completely avoid getting your eyelashes wet for 48 hours after your appointment. Doing so could ruin your extensions.

While showering, do your best to keep your face out of the water, and use face wash carefully at your sink–a washcloth will be helpful to do so.

If you have a handheld showerhead, use it to rinse out shampoo and conditioner safely, holding your head back and avoiding water in the direction of your face and lashes.

If you can’t avoid the water, you can wear a pair of swim goggles during your first couple showers with your lash extensions.

Lash extensions do not hurt. In fact, an eyelash extension application appointment is relaxing, like a hair cut or pedicure.

Comfortable gel pads are applied underneath the eye to keep the lower and upper lashes separated. While having tweezers close to your eye may be intimidating, once you have had a few appointments, you’ll become so relaxed during the lash application, you may even fall asleep!

It is not necessary to take a break from lash extensions if you do not want to because your natural hair growth cycle is from 6-8 weeks. This is the time when your ashes will fall out naturally and then regrow.

With that being said, if you are having uncomfortable or negative reactions to any adhesive or lashes, it is probably best to have them removed professionally by your technician.

Most technicians will use multiple sizes of lashes on each eye to add more dimension.

When getting eyelash extensions, you can choose between many styles and sizes. Extensions usually range from 6mm to 18mm. The size you should choose depends on what kind of look you want from your lashes.

If you like a more subtle or natural look, you should opt for shorter lashes. If glam is more your style, go big. Before your application, talk with your stylist and tell them what kind of look you’d like from your lashes and they will help you select the right sizes of extensions for you.

After 48 hours of letting your adhesive set, you can go swimming. If you plan on keeping your head submerged for long periods of time, though, reach for a pair of goggles just in case.

While it is alright to swim once your adhesive has set, chlorine and saltwater may damage the bonds. You should definitely consider using a lash extension safe cleanser right after your swim.