Flatter Your Fingertips with One of These Six Perfect Shapes

Flatter Your Fingertips with One of These Six Perfect Shapes

Having a professional manicure is a fantastic way to pamper yourself. You can relax while your manicurist massages, shapes, buffs, and polishes your nails. Having nails that are professionally done and look neat gives a lasting impression to everyone you meet. Nails can help you look professional, edgy, fun, or classy depending on what shape you choose. Whatever style you go with, having a beautiful manicure can make you look and feel fabulous. If you are looking for a salon experience that will leave you feeling pampered, Mill Pond Salon is your perfect place. With our stylists’ help, you can find your own style and get to know your look. Our experienced stylists will give you the manicure that’s just right for you. Fingertips With knowledge and care, we provide a personalized experience that will leave you feeling more confident than when you arrived. When it comes to your nails, we proudly offer excellent service and quality work, giving you your best and most unique look. If you aren’t sure about the best nail shape for you, take a look at these six different shapes and get ready to look fantastic. Whether you’re going for a dramatic look or a simple yet elegant style, Mill Pond Salon has you covered.

Square Shape

Square Shape Let’s start with one of the most traditional nail shapes: the square. The square shaped nail never goes out of style. The square shape gives your nails a classic look. Whether you choose a nail color that shows your personality or stick with an elegant French manicure, you’ll look put-together and trendy. If you prefer a nail length that’s medium to long, the square shape is very flattering. The perfect way to highlight your jewelry, rings, or bracelets, and you’re sure to be noticeable with this classy style.

Round Shape

Round Shape Another style that’s often considered a classic is a round nail. This beautiful style is ideal for people who prefer a shorter nail. Round nails allow you to maintain short nails while still looking stylish. Round nails are also the most durable. If you work with your hands frequently, round nails will hold up best. Additionally, this shape looks fantastic with a French manicure, or you could have some fun and choose a color that reflects the current season. Pastel colors are perfect for spring or a brighter and bolder color for summer. Either way, your nails will look pretty and well taken care of.

Oval Shape

Oval Shape Similar to round nails, oval nails is the ideal choice if you like the look of round but prefer something longer. Oval-shaped nails are elegant and classy. The longer length is fun, and a perfect choice if you have short fingers. Oval nails will help elongate your fingers and help flatter your hands and fingertips. A clear coat instead of polish is sufficient with this classy and on-trend look. Your oval nails will speak for themselves with their lovely shape and length. Of course, if your style includes some fun colors, choose a color that suits you. Your oval-shaped nails are the perfect choice for an elegant look.

Almond Shape

Almond Shape Almond shaped nails are the perfect in-between choice. If you are looking for a variation on oval-shaped nails, but aren’t ready for a stiletto nail, an almond shape is just right. Almond nails will elongate your fingers and make them look slimmer. This new and trendy shape will look fantastic with some fun nail art and embellishments. Almond shape offers a dramatic look while remaining classy. You’re sure to draw attention to your gorgeous manicure with this stylish shape.

Stiletto Shape

Stiletto Shape If you are looking to make a statement with your nails, the stiletto shape is perfect. You’re sure to be noticed with this dramatic and trendy shape. The stiletto nail demands attention and is a fun and dramatic style. The latest in nail shapes, you’ll have a blast sporting this unique look. Stiletto nails are perfect for elongating your fingers and giving a confident, bold look. Take your nails to the next level with stiletto nails.

Ballerina Shape

Ballerina Shape Named for the resemblance of ballet toe shoes, ballerina-shaped nails are a fantastic take on the stiletto nail. Instead of ending in a point, ballerina nails have a square tip. Enjoy the long length of this style, with the classic twist. You’ll love the combination of traditional with modern. Ballerina shaped nails are perfect for those looking to elongate their fingers. This flattering style is glamorous and will stand out in a crowd. The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing nail art to go with this fabulous shape.

Let Mill Pond Help You Find Your Nail Style

If you are ready to try a new nail shape to flatter your fingertips, let Mill Pond Salon help you find the perfect style. We will give you a manicure that will stand out and look fabulous. You’ll walk out feeling confident and gorgeous. Contact us today to set up an appointment. We can help you choose the nail shape that best suits you. You’ll love your new nail shape and look impeccable.