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Your Guide on How to Clean Eyelash Extensions

A Close-up shot of a client with eyelash extensions at Mill Pond Salon in Minnesota.

Are you tired of wearing mascara day in and day out? Have you thought about eyelash extensions but aren’t sure if you can handle the maintenance? You may wonder how to clean eyelash extensions once you’ve decided to invest in the application.

Mill Pond Salon is located in New London, Minnesota, and we specialize in services including eyelash extension application and maintenance. We can help you take care of your investment, so your lashes look amazing for as long as possible. 

Today we will talk about the best recommendations from our stylists to care for your eyelash extensions and tackle the question, “how do you clean eyelash extensions?” 

Why You Should Consider Eyelash Extensions

Women love eyelash extensions because they eliminate the need for mascara and the time to curl eyelashes. Imagine waking up every morning with beautiful, full, dark, long lashes that are stunning and eye-catching. 

Many women find it helps them to look more awake. From the moment they open their eyes, they look alert and ready to take on the day. Having lash extensions can seriously cut down on the time it takes you to get ready every morning. You might even be allowed to hit the snooze button one more time!

While the pros of eyelash extensions are overwhelming, many women are unaware of their upkeep until they decide to get eyelash extensions. Lash extensions require regular cleaning and maintenance. 

Good maintenance will ensure their upkeep for the 2-3 weeks recommended between fills to replace the extensions.

How to Clean Eyelash Extensions

Pink spoolies for hot to clean eyelash extensions.Showering

Our lash technicians advise avoiding showering the first 48 hours after lashes are applied. If you do, you could ruin the extensions. 

Once you do shower, try to keep your face out of the water as much as possible. Gently use a facial cleanser, and it’s best to use your fingertips or a lash cleaning brush as a cotton cloth could damage the extensions. 

If you can, wear a pair of goggles the first couple of showers for added protection of your new eyelash extensions. 

Avoid Mascara and Eyeliner if Possible

Eyelash extensions done at Mill Pond Salon in Minnesota.Most stylists do not recommend mascara when you have eyelash extensions. After all, it is the reason you elected to have them applied in the first place, so you wouldn’t have to worry about mascara! 

Mascara can break the bond between the eyelashes and the extensions. If this happens, the lashes will need to be applied again at the salon.  

You can feel free to apply mascara on your lower lashes. We recommend avoiding waterproof mascara.

Some people wonder about wearing eye makeup. It is ok to wear eyeshadow and eyeliner but be careful along the lash line. Use care with removal, including a quality lash cleanser and a gentle approach.

Also, it is best to take off all makeup at the end of the day. Failing to take it off can cause inflammation around the eye area and lash line, which can ruin your lash extensions and be very uncomfortable.

Avoid Cotton Pads

Full-glam eyelash extensions.We do not recommend cotton pads on the eyelashes. Use a lash cleansing brush to remove any makeup or debris gently. You can even use a clean mascara wand, or spoolie brush dipped in a lash cleanser if you prefer. 

Cotton pads, sponges, and washcloths can rip out the extensions or cause separation between the eyelash and the extensions. If you want lashes to last between fills, follow expert advice on cleaning eyelash extensions and stick to a lash cleansing brush when you tend to your lashes. 

Finish Off Your Clean Lash Extensions With a Protective Product

Eyelash extensions done at Mill Pond SalonTo best care for your lashes until your next lash appointment, use a lash cleanser made to protect eyelash extensions. 

We also recommend a lash serum. You can apply the product as soon as 48 hours after your lashes are applied. It will help to nourish the lashes and keep them securely in place until your lashes shed naturally. 

Other Helpful Tips for How to Clean Eyelash Extensions

Full eyelash extensions reflected in a small mirror.We have a few other tips in addition to cleaning that can keep your eyelash extensions healthy: 

  • Never rub your eyes, touch, or manipulate the extensions
  • Use a silk or satin pillowcase so you do not snag your lashes
  • Use a conditioning serum on your lashes
  • Only use mascara on your bottom lashes that isn’t a waterproof formula
  • Don’t apply mascara to your extensions
  • Use products and washes that are recommended safe for eyelash extensions
  • Never use an eyelash curler
  • Avoid cream-based liner on the upper lid

Are You Ready for Eyelash Extensions at Mill Pond Salon?


Many people think eyelash extensions are expensive, but they are very reasonable to maintain once they’re applied. Price varies based on volume or how full of a lash you are trying to obtain; with more lashes, the price increases.

Extensions can last up to six weeks with the proper care, such as those described in this article. By caring for your lashes properly, you can get the best results. Most prefer a fill every 2-3 weeks to keep their lashes looking their best. 

The great news is that if the lashes are applied by one of our expert technicians, you can maintain the integrity of your natural lashes! A team member can help you choose the right length and volume, so the risk of damage stays to a minimum. 

Eyelash extensions are a brilliant and sophisticated way to magnify the eye day in and day out. Now that you know how to clean eyelash extensions, you probably understand they require less maintenance than many think! 

If you are ready to give them a try, then contact us at Mill Pond Salon. We are here and ready for you!

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