What is Microblading?

Microblading is a specific technique used to tattoo the skin.
It involves a small handheld tool that has multiple tiny needles
that deposit semi-permanent ink into the skin.

To Microblade or Not to Microblade?

Anyone can benefit from it. From those who have little to no hair to even the thickest of eyebrows, microblading gives a polished, yet sculpted brow look without having to spend the time achieving the same look of precision with makeup.

Microblading is not a one-size-fits-all service. Each client calls for a custom process depending on factors such as skin texture, skin type, eye shape, face shape, and client goals. Microblading allows for the client to have the look of eyebrows perfectly tailored for their specific wants and needs. You can’t get any better than that.

The Microblading Process

Microblading services usually involve at least two appointments. The initial meeting is your consultation. The micro-blading technician observes the client and essentially “maps” out what they believe to be the best brow shape and color for them.

Eyebrow mapping happens by finding the center of the client’s face, eye set, brow bone placement, and ensuring both sides are even. Mapping out the eyebrows gives an excellent idea for what the brows will look like after the procedure, and it’s here that clients can make any changes.

After the shape is drawn out and the color is chosen, numbing cream can be applied topically and absorbed for a painless experience. The experience itself is relatively painless and can compare to eyebrow threading, but for those with low pain tolerance, the cream takes the slight sting away.

The technician will then draw thin strokes to blend into your natural hair growth and deposits ink into the superficial wounds. They continue this step until they look as desired. The microblading process itself takes about an hour depending on how full the desired look is and how many strokes are required.


When the eyebrows are filled, and to the client’s liking, post care instructions are relatively simple. Avoid water and sweating (your skin will naturally sweat slightly throughout the day, but no heavy workouts!) to preserve your freshly treated brows.

Keeping the area dry is imperative as it ensures the area is clean and free from bacteria. If you live in a particularly humid environment or can’t avoid the sweat, a little healing ointment will help aid in keeping the bacteria out. After a week, you are free to live life, as usual, avoiding heavy scrubbing in the eyebrow area.

The affected area will be dark at first, but lighten up as they heal. A sign of healing is for the skin to scab a bit, and it is important to not pick at your eyebrows. The ink is still being deposited into your skin during this healing time and pulling at them take away a lot of the pigment the look requires.

Microblading Emotion

Mill Pond is Here For You

With proper care, microblading can last for years. Most technicians recommend a touch up every year to ensure they are fresh-looking and are retaining the pigment well, but the initial effects of microblading can last for years. Imagine the time and money you save by not having to fuss over your eyebrows every morning. Microblading allows you to wake up looking (and feeling) your best.

Talk to our specialist to see if this beauty trend is a good fit for your life. If you’re ready to take the next step, you can stop by the salon, give us a call or book your appointment now through our online portal. We’re prepared to help you achieve your brow goals and answer any questions you may have.