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Everything You Need to Know About Red Hair

Red hair done at Mill Pond Salon

Red hair is all the rage today! Many women have opted for red lately because it is a bold look. With the right hue, red hair will work for all skin tones. 

Mill Pond Salon is a beauty hair salon serving clients in the New London and Spicer area of Minnesota. It is our mission to help you feel beautiful in every possible way. We are a small town salon, offering beauty services you’ll find if you were in a big city like microblading, lash lifts, and hair extensions

We can help you achieve vibrant red hair or enhance your naturally red hair. In this article, we will share our secrets to care for your look. 

Different Shades of Red Hair

Strawberry Blonde

Strawbeery blonde red hair at Mill Pond SalonStrawberry blonde is a stunning color that keeps you guessing. Do your friends wonder if it’s blonde hair or red hair? Surprise! It’s a combination of both, falling right in the middle! 

Strawberry blonde hair is a flattering color for several skin tones because it comes in several hues. The color can be a range of copper and gold tones, so work with your stylist to find the right combination for you.

Auburn Hair

Gorgeous red hair at Mill Pond SalonAuburn hair is bold and commonly described as reddish-brown. This shade of red hair can range from medium to dark shades of red. Auburn hair is lovely on several skin tones and enhances hair texture and hairstyles. 

There are many color hues in the family, ranging from light to dark red tones. A stylist can recommend the best combination to create a modern auburn color you will adore. 

Red-Brown Hair

Red brown hair at Mill Pond SalonRed-brown hair blends shades of red and brown, including auburn, mahogany, burgundy, copper, and chestnut. You can create just about any combination using red and brown hues that can elevate your colored hair. 

Hues that are more brown than red are lovely on fair skin, while those more red-toned look fantastic on tan or dark skin. Do some research to find inspiration on the perfect red-brown hair for you. 

Red Highlights

Red highlights at Mill Pond SalonYou’ll find red highlights come in numerous options for you to create your bold, bright, or warm look. Popular red highlight shades include copper, wine-colored burgundy, and shades of strawberry blonde. 

Placement of highlights can vary, and your stylist can help you determine what will look best for the color you choose. You may want to place highlights throughout your hair or place them where they will best enhance your cut and face shape.

We’re sure your stylist will have so many red hair color ideas to share with you during your consultation appointment. 

How to Achieve Red Hair With Your Stylist

Red hair at Mill Pond SalonThere are several suggestions from experts to achieve the best red hair using hair color;

  • Pick the right shade of red (the right shade being what YOU like!)
  • Refrain from washing the day after you color.
  • Leave it to the pros to achieve your perfect shade.
  • Use a shampoo specially formulated for color-treated hair.
  • Wash about every three days to fight fading.
  • Do not use it over previously colored hair unless your stylist gives the go-ahead. Anytime you’re seeing a stylist to have your hair chemically treated with color or other agents, you must be honest with your stylist about what you’ve used on your hair in the past. Full-disclosure about colors, bleach, or perm solution you’ve used will let your stylist make the right decisions when creating your new look.
  • Try a glaze to keep it vibrant between color appointments.
  • Understand you may need more than one color appointment to achieve your desired shade
  • Protect your color from sun damage with an SPF enhanced product

Redhead Maintenance

Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner at Mill Pond SalonMaintain your red hair with a product that will keep your hair vibrant and fresh. Using Aveda Color Conserve can help you maintain your colored red hair so you don’t fade to an undesirable color. The line includes shampoo, conditioner, strengthening treatment, and a daily color protectant. 

Wait at least 24 to 48 hours before washing your hair the day you color. The wait will allow for the pigment to properly distribute into your strands as much as possible. 

You can also wash your hair with cold water the first couple of times you shower after you color your hair. Washing with cold water will help to eliminate color bleed by sealing the hair cuticle. 

Finally, you should avoid heat as much as possible. Both UV rays and heat from tools can fade your color. If you do use a blow-dryer or curling iron, always use a heat protectant before styling. You also may want to use a leave-in spray with a UV protectant that can protect your hair from sun fading and humidity. 

How to Enhance Naturally Red Hair

Bright red Maria Nila Colour Refresh at Mill Pond SalonIf you are a natural redhead and are looking for a color to enhance what God gave you, try Maria Nila’s Colour Refresh. It will enhance your natural color without having to commit to a full color. 

Maira Nila’s Colour Refresh is a line of conditioners that provides pigment and moisture to untreated hair. It will wash out in 4-10 washes, so many women enjoy changing to a new color mask every couple of weeks. Have fun and play with color without a permanent commitment! 

It is also helpful to use SPF protectant to help prevent the fading of your natural red hair. Your hair shade, age, genetics, and sun exposure all can play a role in maintaining color and vibrancy. 

Finally, use a shampoo and conditioner recommended explicitly for red hair. There are several options, so you can find a product that works for your budget. For best results, find a product that offers shine and smoothing agents, UV protection, color restoration, fragrance, and damage protection. 

Find a Trusted Stylist and Go Red!

Vibrant red hair at Mill Pond SalonWomen who go red fall in love! It is a color they often choose to keep year after year once they make the change. Some find it becomes a part of their identity! 

That said, it is a color subject to fade and also tricky to remove. Working with a trusted stylist is a sure way to get the gorgeous tone you desire while also appearing natural. 

At Mill Pond Salon, we will help you feel beautiful in every way. From the moment you walk into the salon, you will know you are in a welcome environment. In addition to color, we offer hair extensions, color correction, and permanent make-up application. 

Ready to go red? Call us today! We will create that vibrant color, giving you confidence and style!

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