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How to Prevent Sun-Damaged Hair and Skin

A blonde woamn outside in the sunshine in a field of flowers.

It’s the era of hot girl summer. Live your best life! For so many, this may look like weekend trips or sitting poolside enjoying charcuterie. By all means, carpe the diem, but is there a way you can sit back and enjoy without having to worry about sun-damaged hair and sun-damaged skin?  

There is a solution to minimize the damage, no matter how often you are in the sun. Mill Pond Salon can help!

Mill Pond Salon is conveniently located in New London, MN. The stylists not only can provide a fresh new look but aim to preserve and protect your hair and skin in the process. They offer a small-town feel with big-city services. 

Call or book your appointment online for a tailored experience customized to you. 

Sun-damaged hair

Someone holding sun-damaged brown hair in their hands on a white background
People tend to think of sun damage and associate it with sunburns on the skin. Did you know that the sun can derail your #SummerGoalsHair after a mere eight minutes? 

Prolonged sun exposure to the hair results in dullness, dryness, breakage, and all-around frizz. Why suffer from dry and brittle hair when there are solutions to combat the heat?

Our hair is composed of many strands, and each strand has a barrier called a cuticle. Ultraviolet (UV) rays can break down the hair’s cuticle, leaving the inner layers exposed for further damage. 

When your hair is damaged, it becomes much more challenging to manage. Your hair and scalp will become dry and brittle. You may suddenly notice split ends, and you can kiss your beautifully colored hair goodbye.

Imagine spending precious time perfecting some beachy wave curls. Hours later, you look as though you did nothing. Sun-damaged hair can lead to this tragedy, and THAT, my friend, is unacceptable. 

Sun-damaged skin

Sun-damaged skin on someone's forehead
Summers are made for basking in the sunshine but gone are the days where we could relax on our towels without being concerned about harm to our skin. Sun damage slows down the rate at which your skin cells turn over to replace themselves. If your cells aren’t turning over quickly enough, it can lead to additional sun damage symptoms. 

These symptoms may include:

  • Discoloration
  • Brown spots
  • Age spots
  • Uneven skin texture from dryness
  • Spider veins

The sun’s rays break down the fibers and elastin in your face, which causes it to sag and stretch. As that damage builds up, you may begin to see those fine lines and wrinkles becoming more and more noticeable.

A golden bronze color may look nice, but while you soak up the sun’s UV rays, you also raise your risk of many types of skin cancer and premature aging. Certainly makes an artificial tanner seem more and more appealing so you minimize the damage caused by natural rays. 

Prevent, protect, repair

Mill Pond Salon offers various options for not only treating but preventing sun damage for both hair and skin. Avoiding damage from happening altogether is the best defense. Treat your hair like your skin when venturing into the sunlight—the more protected, the better. 

A great defense against UV Rays is a sun care protective hair veil. This product lightly spritzes your hair with an invisible mist to minimize the damage and dryness from exposure. It’s suitable for all hair types and is even water-resistant. 

The best treatments are preventative treatments. 

So maybe you spent the day in the sun, and you’re starting to notice that dullness overtaking your hair. Fear not. Mill Pond Salon has a solution for you. 

Suncare after-sun hair masque can help restore your sun-damaged hair using an intensive cream masque. It contains morikue protein to help restore your weakened hair and plant oils to help maintain moisture. 

Both of these products can be purchased at Mill Pond Salon and are must-haves for your beauty arsenal. 


A bottle of sunscreen on a blue background with numbers spelled out in sunscreen.
Go back to the days of childhood summers spent being slathered in thick SPF. You may have hated it then, but you will come to love it now. 

SPF is your best friend when it comes to preventative treatments for sun damage. Remember that preventative treatment is the best treatment? Mill Pond Salon is here to get you covered (literally).

The heat from the sun can dry out unprotected areas of the skin and strip it of its natural oils. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends applying SPF every day as a protective barrier. It is suggested to use at least SPF 30, especially if you have a full day of sun exposure. A higher number SPF blocks more of the sun’s UVB rays. 

Plan to reapply your sunscreen every two hours to stay protected as much as possible. 

Mill Pond Salon recommends daily light guard™ defense fluid broad spectrum SPF 30. It offers dual protection from both UVA and UVB using mineral-based sunscreen technology. It glides on smoothly, looks undetectable, and is ideal for every skin type. 

Sometimes, SPF isn’t enough to keep your skin fresh and looking its best. We all know the tight-skin feeling after spending a day in the pool. Suncare hair and body cleanser is a great way to remove all of that chlorine buildup while helping maintain your skin’s moisture balance. 

Sun damage often can be permanent, but these preventative treatments can reduce some of the signs of aging. We all love a youthful, healthy glow, and Mill Pond Salon is here for it!

Call Mill Pond Salon Today

A girl with styled blonde hair outside Mill Pond Salon
Mill Pond Salon is here to support you through hot girl summer and beyond. You can now safely and effectively live out your bronzed goddess dreams with salon-quality products backing you up. 

The salon offers various services such as brow lamination, eyelash extensions, and numerous hair and skincare services. They are a one-stop-shop for all of your beauty and personal care needs. 

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