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Look Fabulous WIth Tape-In Extensions from Mill Pond Salon

Professional hairdresser applying tape-in hair extensions for blonde girl in a beauty salon

Hair extensions are wildly popular, and they can also be wildly expensive. Fear not! Tape-in extensions are a beautiful and affordable way to extend your hair length or boost your volume.

Contact Mill Pond Salon today for a consultation and installation appointment for tape-in extensions. You and your hair will be glad you did.

Why Tape-In Extensions?

Tape-in extensions are the wow factor for many celebrities due to the ease of installation and removal. And of course, because they make your hair look genuinely fabulous. And? They won’t damage your natural hair. 

Tie-in extensions can take hours to put in. Tape-in extensions go in much more quickly, which helps to save your time and money.

With these extensions, you can discreetly create enviable length and volume. You can also add different tones and colors to customize a unique and individual look.

Each application is hypoallergenic and will last 6-8 weeks. At the end of your initial appointment, we encourage you to schedule your next appointment for removal or re-application.

What’s Your Secret?

Your tape-in extensions provide a nearly-invisible effect, and your skilled stylist at Mill Pond Salon will guarantee that you are thrilled with the result.

Whatever your reason for desiring longer or thicker hair, the outcome will be beautiful. Here at Mill Pond Salon, we use hairtalk extensions. You can find out more about them here.

Let’s Do This!

a before and after of tape-in hair extensionsYour tape-in extensions vary in size and length. You and your stylist will choose what’s right for you. Including the length, how long you want to keep them in, and professionally matching the color(s).

Your stylist will determine the color and length of your tape-in extensions during a complimentary consultation appointment.

After your consultation appointment, your stylist will order the tape-in extensions from hairtalk. Then you will come back for their installation.

Your extensions are applied in a sandwich-like pattern, meaning your natural hair will be between the extensions (called “wefts”). You’ll be surprised by how few it takes to see the length and volume you desire.

Are you feeling bold? Try pops of color for a fun and unique result—blue, purple, pink, red, etc. The sky’s the limit! Plan for at least an hour for the initial consultation and the installation. 

And? As lovely as naturally, curly hair is, it’s not the optimal hair type for tape-in extensions.

Leave Installation To The Pros

When doing your research, you might see ways to do it yourself. Let’s skip that as many factors come into play here to give you a stunning natural look. The skill and knowledge of your stylist at Mill Pond Salon will give you the best experience and look with tape-in extensions. 

When expertly put in, everyone will think you have amazing natural hair. 

Typical outcomes of the DIY attempts are crooked extensions (working on the back of your head isn’t easy), unmatched lengths, incorrect color pairings, or (ack!) extensions that show. 

Having noticeable extensions is similar to toilet paper being stuck to your shoe as you cross a room that everyone sees except you.

Brush Your Extensions Daily

First off, your regular hairbrush isn’t preferable for your extensions. A daily brush can pull and tear at your extensions, so when you leave the salon, be sure you buy a good brush there or get tips on which kinds of brushes and bristles are optimal.

Here are some options from Spornette that are perfect for brushing tape-in extensions gently, but effectively.

Then? Give your extensions a gentle brush 2-3 times a day. A smaller brush for your purse or car is excellent for on-the-go maintenance.

Washing Your Extensions

Washing your hair with the right products is crucial to the health and longevity of your extensions. Avoid shampoos and conditioners with sulfates and parabens. These chemicals can strip your hair of natural oils, which your extensions won’t benefit from as they don’t grow from your scalp. The Aveda Dry Remedy line or Cherry Almond line work well for tape-in extensions.

Products containing high amounts of alcohol aren’t suitable for your extensions, either. These hair products will break down the adhesive used to install your extensions much sooner than you’d like. 

A scalp exfoliant is excellent, too! A good scrub between your extensions will feel good and benefit the health of your scalp. Clarifying shampoo used 1-2 times per month is also recommended.

It’s important that when you have extensions, that you wash your hair carefully. If you’re doing it right, it might take a  bit longer–give yourself a little extra time than usual here. 

Thoroughly wet your hair first and gently lift your extensions to shampoo between the layers one at a time. Rinsing takes longer, but it’s necessary to get all the shampoo out before moving onto conditioning.

The Conditions Of Conditioning

aveda cherry almond conditionerStarting at mid-shaft, work your way down, then gently rinse. Your natural hair provides essentials conditioning oils to your hair at the roots, so skip applying it from the top. 

There are different schools of thought on using conditioner, but we find that applying from midway down has the best results. No one, you or your stylist, wants to deal with a tangled mess. So, again, take your time and be gentle here.

After washing and conditioning your tape-in extensions, apply a good-quality detangler to aid you in the drying process. The Aveda Nutriplenish Leave-In Conditioner is perfect for loosening any tough tangles you might have.

Daily Care Of Your Hair

a woman with tape-in extensions

A fantastic way to increase your extensions’ longevity and health is to buy a satin or silk pillowcase, pin your hair up at night with a ponytail or braid, and wear a shower cap when taking a bath or a shower, on non-shampoo days.

Refreshing Your Look

About 6-8 weeks after your initial installation, you’ll need to schedule an appointment to re-freshen your look, or to take your extensions out. With hair growth, your extensions will move down away from your scalp and move down the length of your hair. 

Good news though, your tape-in extensions can be reused up to 3 times with proper maintenance. 

Every 6-8 weeks, you’ll need to schedule a move-up appointment. Your stylist will gently remove and reposition your extensions, so they look like new even as your hair grows.

Removing Your Tape-in Extensions

Due to the chemicals used, it’s best to have a professional remove tape-in extensions instead of trying to DIY. Some people have gotten bald patches from improper removal, so stay smart and stylish and leave this to the professionals.

Contact Mill Pond Salon today for your consultation or installation on tape-in extensions! You’ll look fabulous with your new tape-in extensions.

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