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Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles for 2019

Wedding Hairstyles

You’ve had the perfect proposal, and now you have visions of your big day floating around your mind. Of course, you’ve been dreaming about “the dress” since you were a little girl. You also have a good idea of those you’d love to be standing next to you as you say your vows to your beloved. But what about your hair?

Brides often have a clear picture of how they want their wedding to look, but might also have a pretty foggy vision of what their hair should look like on their big day. Don’t let your hair be the last decision for your dream wedding.

As wedding season approaches, set up a wedding hair trial with one of our specialists at Mill Pond Salon for your dreamiest bridal hair. We have the latest wedding hairstyles of 2019, and we’re ready to help you shine. Whether you’re looking to try the newest trend or a modern spin on a classic updo, we’re here for you to make your bridal dream a reality.

Here are some of the latest wedding styles to give you better insight into what your best look would be for your biggest day.

Boho Braids

Boho Braids

With social media wedging its way into the wedding planning business, your options are endless. The bridal hair trend that we see more and more of is a fuss-free approach to updos: bohemian braids.

Long gone are the days where a braid is a quick and simple way to get the hair out of your face. Now, the options for braiding are endless and have expanded out into adding accessories to your braids. We’ve seen many boho brides looking just as classy and elegant with this less fussy approach to their wedding day hair.

Braids no longer have to be the tight and structured pieces they once were either. Pulling these plaits out offers a much fuller and bohemian chic look. Braiding your hair is a great way to style your hair without additional worry that it will become undone as you dance your night away.

Naturally Perfect

Naturally Perfect

A lot of brides are changing the tune of feeling hair-hassled and wanting a more natural look on their wedding day. This is a trend that works with (literally) every bride.

The premise of the look is a cleaned up I-Woke-Up-Like-This look. Your hair is let down with minimal product use with only slight styling or curling. Consider this the look for when you want to look and feel yourself, but still have that extra boost of confidence for your wedding.

Cascading Curls

Cascading Curls

One of our favorite wedding hairstyles is a waterfall of curls. This romantic hairstyle is best for those with fuller and longer hair.

The look brings together a perfectly undone updo with soft curls falling down the shoulders and appearing perfectly placed as they cascade. This look is exceptionally wonderful for an open-back dress look and allows your hair to have a bit more spotlight.

These type of curls are highlighted by a few face-framing layers to keep the focus on you and to create stunning layers of soft curls.

Undone Updo

Undone Updo

Most, if not all women, don’t want to have every piece of hair tightly slicked back on their wedding day. It’s best for the bride to feel put together, yet relaxed which is a perfect way to describe this next updo.

This hairstyle is known as the “undone updo.” This zero-care hair features an updo look that is relaxed yet still controlled and not falling out before the cake is even cut.

You can start this look off with curled hair for a softer look or pull your hair up and pin to secure it in place. This hairstyle is all about looking effortless and romantic. It’s about your style preference and how “undone” you’d like it to appear.

Easy Half-Updo

Easy Half-Updo

This half updo is a new spin on a classic look, once again fitting into the trend of low-maintenance hair. The idea is similar to the half up/half down, but instead of tying back the whole top half of your hair, tying back only the face-framing layers.

This look is simple, yet versatile. We have seen brides braid the side pieces and pin them back for a more textured look, or only pull the parts that you’d like and intertwine them behind your head.

This look looks great with curly or straight hair, and accessories add to its style.

Flower Power

Flower Power

One of the more beautiful looks we’ve seen as a hit in the 2019 wedding season is incorporating the use of flowers. After all, what is more of a confidence boost than fulfilling your inner child’s dream of looking like a fairy princess on your wedding day?

We are not suggesting that a bride should shove a bouquet in her hair, but adding a hint of floral touch adds to the whimsical and romantic aspect of a wedding.

The look is much more soft and gorgeous, using delicate flowers or even just the petals pieced throughout a bride’s hairstyle of choice.

Another great use of florals is to arrange them together to fashion a crown or headband. This look creates just the right amount of detail to perfect every bride’s preferred look. Whether your hair is up or down, a floral crown gives that eccentric romance that is on the rise for brides in 2019.

Low Ponytail

Low Ponytail

Although this trend is not new, it is still causing quite a stir among new brides in 2019.

The low ponytail can be both sleek and chic or perfectly undone and graceful. Both offer an absolutely lovely look to compliment the bride. This style also provides a big style statement while not overpowering the bride herself.

Mill Pond Salon is Ready for You

Which style suits your bridal dreams for the upcoming wedding season? Call us at Mill Pond Salon for a bridal trial of any one of these looks or an utterly different look all of your own. We’re committed to helping you look and feel your best on your wedding day and are here to make your dreams a reality!


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