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Transform Your Look With Beautiful Babylights

A bright blonde with babylights at Mill Pond Salon.

Highlights, lowlights, and balayage, oh my! When it comes to choosing a color technique for your hair type, there’s a lot of information to brush through. Everyone at Mill Pond Salon knows that. They also know that hair trends are constantly ebbing and flowing. 

So, of course, they know that adding babylights to your style is a viral hair trend. Sure, summer may be winding down, but there’s still the Minnesota State Fair, concerts, anniversaries, first dates, parties, and more.

But babylights aren’t just for the summer months. They’re the perfect style for all year round.

Whether you live in New London, Spicer, or are a current client at Mill Pond Salon, they can create the style you crave with babylights. 

Make an appointment today and enjoy the small-town feel with big-city services. And, be sure to check their Facebook page for fun giveaways! 

What Are Babylights?

An icy blond babylight balayage. Babylights and balayage are two types of highlights.

Babylights sauntered onto the trend scene a few years back. And, due to their popularity, hair salons haven’t looked back since.

Babylights are delicate highlights that create a gentle, sun-kissed look. They’re named after the soft, almost metallic highlights of a child’s hair after a summer of playing in the sun. 

Similar to traditional foil highlights, this look is achieved by applying a lightener to sections of your hair. The secret is to apply this lightener to incredibly fine sections of hair to create a sophisticated and dimensional look. It’s the amount of hair in each foil that creates this wildly sought-after look.

Babylights are also an excellent way to try a new look for those who don’t want anything too radical. And? Bonus! The maintenance of babylights is perfect for anyone desiring a stunning and low-maintenance look.

Are Babylights For Me?

Why yes! Babylights are wildly versatile and will leave your hair looking luscious, healthy, and on-trend. This technique can be added to long and short hair, fine and thick hair, blonde or dark hair. You get the drift.

Bringing a photo of your desired look is groovy. But be sure to work with your Mill Pond Salon stylist to match your babylights to your skin tone. 

Don’t be surprised if your stylist suggests a different shade than what you came in with. This is perfectly normal and shows the commitment your stylist has to your overall look!

You can do a partial or full head of babylights. And you can add them to your natural hair color, your existing blonde highlights, or your base color.

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Book Your Appointment Today

Depending on your hair length and color, you can plan on a longer appointment than traditional highlights. This is because the technique of achieving babylights occurs by sectioning teeny-tiny pieces of your hair. 

This process can be time-consuming. If you’re on a time crunch, discuss this with your stylist BEFORE your appointment.

For a client or a stylist, there’s nothing worse than to be rushed and stressed while at the salon. But this is YOUR TIME, so make the most of it and enjoy it! 

Life is already hurried and stressed enough. So, allow Mill Pond Salon to be your me-time destination. You deserve it!

Time is money for a stylist, so the longer the appointment (of any kind), the more it will cost.

Caring For Your Babylights

If you’ve had highlights before, you know that they naturally fade over time. The trick here is to keep that fading at bay with proper maintenance. 

Although your look is sun-kissed, that doesn’t mean your hair should be in the sun all the time! There are a few simple things you can do to keep your locks looking fresh, healthy, and vibrant: 

  • Wear a hat when on the boat, a bike, or in the convertible
  • Use conditioner under your swim cap when doing your laps at the gym
  • Use a shampoo with low detergent
  • Don’t wash your hair too often
  • Always use the proper hairbrush for your hair type
  • Pack a hydrating spray with aloe for the beach, boat, or weekend getaways 

Here are more ways to maintain your babylights! These simple tricks of the trade will keep your hair looking fabulous and reduce trips to the salon.

The Big Picture

A woman with gray hair highlighted with babylights

As far as maintenance goes for your babylights, you can expect to refresh your look every two months. This, of course, depends on a few factors: 

  • How fast your hair grows
  • How your babylights are maintained between appointments
  • How often you wash your hair
  • The products you use

You should also be aware that instead of retouching, it’s recommended that you start from scratch at each appointment. This is how your babylights will always look freshly sun-kissed and radiant.

There’s no need to go overboard here by having your babylights refreshed too often. Why? Because your hair doesn’t like all those chemicals so much of the time. 

After all, you’re adding bleach to your hair. Which is fine! Just be mindful of anyone who tells you to come in more than every couple of months. They’re probably focused more on their needs than the health of your hair.

No one at Mill Pond Salon will pressure you to do anything you’re not comfortable with or feed you false information. That’s simply not their style! 

A New Look Awaits You

A platinum blonde hairstyle done with babylights at Mill Pond Salon

It’s time to make an appointment at Mill Pond Salon. They’ll help you feel confident and beautiful with your new stunning babylights. And while you’re at it, consider booking a permanent makeup, eyelash extension, microblading, or new haircut appointment!

There’s so much more to being a stylist than styling hair. Everyone at Mill Pond Salon desires to help you find confidence in your style by listening to your needs. And they have the proper industry knowledge to make your hairstyle dreams come true.

The stylists at Mill Pond Salon proudly serve the New London/Spicer area. They are always ready to help you find your best style. Also, don’t forget to check their Facebook page often for fun giveaways and more!

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