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6 Reasons Why You Should Try a Waxing Service Today

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Shaving can become a total chore, and with so many hair removal services on the market today, it might be tough to decide when and how you want to ditch your disposable razor. At our salon, we love waxing services because waxing for hair removal is absolutely incredible.

At Mill Pond Salon in New London, Minnesota, we offer many waxing services you’ll love, including brows, lip, chin, neck, and full face.

If you’re still on the fence about trying a waxing service, here are a few reasons why you should come down to the salon and schedule an appointment for a waxing service.

It lasts longer

Shaving: it gets really exhausting, really fast. And, you’ve probably been doing it for years.

Depending on how fast your hair grows, you might find yourself shaving every other day or even every single day! But the average person finds themselves needing to shave every three to four days. While that is less than every single day, it’s still way too often.

Waxing services can last anywhere from four to twelve weeks, which is miles better than just a few days in between.

Waxing lasts so long because it removes the hair at its source: the root.

Unlike waxing, shaving does not remove the hair at the root. Instead, shaving cuts the hair just below the surface of the skin, giving you that prickly feeling much sooner.

If you take care of the source of the problem, you’ll find yourself having silky smooth and long-lasting results.

Waxing saves you time

Did you know that waxing services are actually pretty fast?

People who wax professionally get really good at what they do. Their skills mean they’re quick and efficient, and you’ll be out of the salon in a flash. Couple this with the fact that you won’t have to shave every other day, and you’ll spend way less time on your hair removal regimen.

Another bonus is that if you wax instead of shave, you’ll save water! Having fewer steps in the shower means less time you spend in there.

Don’t forget that plastic disposable or even reusable razors aren’t the most eco-friendly either.

Can you believe waxing even has a positive impact on Mother Earth?

At Mill Pond Salon, we completely love and trust our stylists. There’s no need to be nervous about your first waxing service appointment!

You’ll be baby smooth

Waxing services are so good because they do more than remove the hair. Waxing is also a physical exfoliant.

This service can remove yucky dead skin from the surface, giving you healthy, radiant, and baby-soft skin.

And because waxing removes hair at the root, you’ll have that fresh and smooth feeling for longer than just a day.

Just be sure that you take care of your skin post-wax. After waxing, it is essential to apply ingrown hair serum. Using a serum will prevent any unwanted and sometimes painful bumps when new growth starts to come through.

As long as your using your ingrown hair serum regularly, you’ll stay smooth for a very long time.

No more nicks

It’s happened to the best of us. All we have left is that kind of dull razor, but you’re going out with the girls, and you HAVE to wear your new denim mini skirt.

You’re rushing through shaving, and ouch, you accidentally nicked yourself again! It, unfortunately, looks right at home right next to your other shaving battle wounds from dull razors’ past.

When you switch over to waxing for hair removal, nicks and cuts will be no more. Waxing may be a little painful, but it doesn’t compare to the pain (and mess) of a cut from a razor.

Ditch the nicks permanently and switch to waxing services instead.

The more you do it, the better it is

With waxing, it’s necessary to keep up with it.

The more often you wax, the more it will encourage and coach your hair to be on the same growth cycle. If you’re shaving and plucking randomly, your hair strands are probably on a different growth cycle.

This means that your first couple of waxes may not last as long as they should, but once you keep coming back for waxing services, again and again, you’ll see all of your regrowth showing up at the same time.

You’ll eventually see less hair growth

Contrary to what you might think, waxing does not make hair grow back thicker. In fact, it has the opposite effect.

If you’re consistent with your waxing, you’ll probably notice that it takes longer and longer to grow back.

This decrease in growth rate comes from ripping their hair at the root. Pulling the hair from the source can damage the hair shaft, making it grow slower.

Another positive from waxing is that you may also see hair become more delicate, softer, and less noticeable.

If you have the opposite problem and find yourself having sparse brows, be sure to check out our microblading services.

Microblading is the perfect semi-permanent solution to thin or patchy brows.

Come get a waxing service

If you live in the New London or Spicer area, a recurring waxing service appointment at Mill Pond Salon is one that you’ll look forward to.

Our rustic, bohemian farmhouse style will make you feel comfortable and right at home. If you’ve never had the chance to experience New London before, make a day of it. You have to check out all of the art breweries, bakeries, and restaurants that make this place so unique.

While you are in our esthetician’s chair, you might want to double up and receive a relaxing facial, too. You’ll leave the salon a brand new babe!

Let us pamper you and make your hair removal process so much easier.

Please schedule an appointment today, because we can’t wait to see you!

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