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Are You Ready to Skip Getting Ready? Try Permanent Makeup

Freshly down microbalded eyebrows at Mill Pond Salon.

Now more than ever, women want to present their best selves but face the dilemma of not having enough time. With trying to get the kids ready, prepare for the day, and stay on top of work tasks, it can be easy to skip putting on makeup. Permanent makeup is a solution for women looking to reduce or eliminate their daily makeup routine. 

Mill Pond Salon offers permanent makeup services, and we will work with you for the best look for eyelashes, lips, or eyebrows. Lip services are currently on hold due to COVID-19, but we continue to offer microblading and other permanent makeup services. We want to help you express confidence and your beauty through the services we offer at our salon. 

Read on to discover information about why permanent makeup is trending in the beauty industry! 

What is Permanent Makeup? 

Permanent makeup uses micro-pigmentation (some refer to it as tattooing) to enhance your natural look. Stylists deposit pigments that add color and definition to lips and eyes, so they mimic traditional makeup applications. 

But is it safe? According to health experts, as long as a certified technician applies the makeup, it is a very safe option. It is a fast-growing trend in both the health and beauty industries! 

About Microblading

A before and after shot of eyebrows using the permanent makeup technique known as microblading.So what is microblading? Microblading is a cosmetic procedure where the technician inserts pigment into fine incisions around the eyebrow. The goal is to improve or recreate the brow’s shape with a natural look, matching your skin tone and face shape. 

It is not exactly eyebrow tattooing. Tattoos use actual tattoo inks, while with microblading, it is a special pigment. The difference lies in how the color fades and permanence. Microblading color fades naturally over time, so it is considered semi-permanent. Most clients receive annual touch-ups to keep their brows looking great year after year.

About Eyeliner

A freshly done permanent eyeliner procedure.Women love permanent eyeliner because they don’t need to worry about the daily task of perfecting the perfect liner application. It is a semi-permanent solution where the technician places pigment along the lash line for lash enhancement. The result is the look of darker or fuller lashes without looking too obvious. 

Some women refer to the procedure as eyeliner tattoos, but just like microblading, it’s semi-permanent. It does last a while longer, with re-application needed about every three to five years. 

What Should I Expect if I Decide to Try Permanent Makeup?

Winged eyeliner done at Mill Pond Salon.If you think you want to try permanent cosmetics, you may have some questions about the actual procedure. We will look at some of the most common questions and concerns clients bring up regarding permanent makeup.  

Healing Time

With microblading, healing instructions are quite easy. Clients should avoid water and sweat on the day of application—also no heavy workouts for a week. You want to keep the area dry so no unwanted bacteria finds its way to the brows. 

The color is heavy right after application but lightens as they heal. If there is a little scabbing, that’s okay! It’s a normal sign of healing. Just no picking at the skin or you could increase the risk of infection. 

Avoid touching or picking your brows in any way. The pigment is deposited into the skin as it is healing, and excessive touching could remove it. 

Permanent eyeliner healing time is also not long. Your eyes may be swollen for the first couple of days after, but it is minimal for most clients. Just as with microblading, the color will fade over the first week to settle into the permanent shade. The same suggestions apply for avoiding moisture and not touching the area to prevent infection.


Of course, the most common question is, “Will it hurt”? Pain tolerance varies from person to person, but for most, it is pretty minimal. Topical anesthetics help reduce pain further. 

If you want to take something for pain, make sure it is Tylenol. You want to avoid blood thinners for a week before the procedure, including aspirin. 

You also want to avoid other factors that increase bleeding, including alcohol consumption and caffeine, at least 24 hours before getting permanent makeup. 

Are you looking for another tip to help with pain? Your skin may be more sensitive around your period, so that you may experience more pain during that time of the month. It may be helpful to schedule when you are not on your period. 

Procedure Instructions

A woman receiving a permanent makeup service at Mill Pond Salon in New London, Minnesota.Applying permanent makeup takes about 2 hours. You will usually need a touch up 6-8 weeks later, which will take about an hour. 

Let your technician know if you have a history of allergic reactions, especially to topical numbing creams or dyes. Talk to them about any medication you are taking and when you last took the drug because it may affect if you can have the procedure. 

There are a few other special instructions to follow: 

  • For eyebrows- No plucking, waxing, or electrolysis at least one week before
  • For eyeliner- No contact lenses, and you cannot wear them for 48 hours after the application. Also, bring dark sunglasses to wear home after. 
  • We will explain Post-procedure instructions thoroughly during your consultation.

Ready for Permanent Makeup?

Microbladed eyebrows from Mill Pond Salon.Permanent makeup is a fantastic choice for women, especially in the era of zoom and video conferencing! Mill Pond Salon is here for you and ready to create a look that will last the year. 

We always offer a consultation so we can customize with you on what you would like to achieve. We require a $50 deposit upon booking as it is an important service and we want to ensure we give you the time you need. 

If you are ready to step toward a permanent solution for everyday makeup woes, then stop into the salon or contact us. Connect with us on Facebook for fun giveaways and learn more about us!

We are ready to help you achieve your goals and answer any other permanent makeup questions you have.

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