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Understanding Your Hair Type

three different women with different types of hair

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your hair?  Do you love the way it looks, but have a hard time styling or managing it sometimes?

If you struggle with your hair, it might be because you don’t understand your hair type. Getting to know your hair type will help you select the right products, take care of your hair the right way, and keep your hair looking fabulous.

Whether you have dry, oily, frizzy, or curly hair, you can learn the best ways to ensure your hair is well taken care of and easy to maintain. If you are looking for a salon with caring and knowledgeable stylists who can help you understand your hair type, Mill Pond Salon is ready to help you with all of your hair needs.

women with different hair types

At Mill Pond Salon, our goal is to help our clients feel beautiful and enjoy their salon experience. We offer all of the high-end services you will find in a big city salon, with a personal touch.

We are here to provide you with the information you need to care for your hair and look fabulous as well.

Don’t let your hair type get the best of you, instead, use your knowledge to your advantage and learn about what your hair type needs. You’ll have a new appreciation for your hair once you learn what works best.

Take a look at these fantastic tips and get your hair looking gorgeous and healthy.

brunette woman with long straight hairStraight Hair

Let’s start with the basics. Straight hair is a common hair type but is sometimes highly underrated. Often, straight hair gets a label of boring, oily, limp, or plain.

Straight hair can look fabulous or even dramatic with the right care and style. Within the straight hair category are several sub-categories. Each type is unique and requires specific attention.

beautiful woman with long hair

Fine Hair

Fine hair can sometimes end up looking oily. To prevent this, ensure you aren’t using a heavy conditioner, and invest in a quality dry shampoo for between washes. You have likely already realized that your fine hair won’t hold curls well.

While that might be frustrating, save yourself the stress and focus on keeping your hair looking shiny and healthy and you’ll fall in love with your hair.

Brunette girl with long and shiny wavy hair .

Straight Hair With a Little Wave

Some straight hair is fuller than fine hair, and while it might have a slight wave to it, still won’t hold a curl. Use a texture spray to give your straight hair some additional body. For the days you want to rock the straight look, use a straightening iron to smooth, and style your hair.

Curly Hair

Curly hair can be fun and glamorous but can also be difficult to style. Curly hair is sometimes synonymous with frizzy hair, which can lead to frustration. Getting a handle on frizz can be a challenge, whether due to dry hair, humidity, or other environmental factors.

wavy hair type

Curly hair also encompasses several different types of hair. Understanding your type of curly hair is the key to the perfect look.

Large Curls

Large curls sometimes come with some wavy pieces throughout your hair. Using the scrunching technique is an excellent way to maximize your curls. Stay away from heat and instead add some curl cream to your wet hair and scrunch away. Use a microfiber towel to squeeze dry your curls and let air dry.

Older woman with wavy hair

Stretched-Out Curls

These curls stretch down toward your shoulders and curl at the bottom instead of from the top. To keep these curls shiny and bouncy, style your curly hair when wet and add a leave-in conditioner and light gel.

Avoid using a hair dryer to prevent frizz. You’ll love this light and fun look and have a new appreciation for your curly hair.

Brunette girl with long and shiny curly hair.

Coil Curls

Coarse and tightly kinked, coiled curls are often prone to frizz and dryness. With tight and dense curls, it can be hard to deep condition your hair and moisturize your scalp.

Blowing your hair dry can get these curls their curliest, but air drying is also an ideal way to style your hair. Keep styling products light ensures your hair is bouncy and not weighed down, but also frizz-free.

Close-up of hair dryer for hair drying at salon

Professional Styling from Mill Pond Salon

If you’re still unsure of what hair type you’re dealing with and how to style and care for it, the stylists at Mill Pond Salon are ready to help you with all of your hair needs.

From cuts and color to extensions and weaves, we offer all of the high-end services you’re looking for. You’ll love your entire salon experience and the personal way we connect with our clients.

Contact us today and set up your next appointment with one of our experienced stylists. We look forward to meeting you and helping you feel beautiful in every way.

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