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How to Get Beautiful Brows: What is Brow Lamination?

A client getting an eyebrow lamination.

Eyebrows are having their moment in the spotlight on social media. What is brow lamination, though, and how has it become one of the biggest trends in the last several years? Brow lamination is a service provided at Mill Pond Salon in New London, Minnesota. 

The short answer to the question of what is brow lamination? Eyebrow lamination is a way to style eyebrows and keep them in place. While this may seem like a totally new trend, methods for brushing our eyebrows or using chemicals to tame them aren’t a new concept. 

At Mill Pond Salon we love the brow lamination method and are happy to help you achieve the look. For the latest beauty techniques, trends, and to make an appointment, contact us today! 

What Is Brow Lamination?

What is brow lamination? A before and after a brow lamination ona client at Mill Pond Salon

Brow lamination began in Russia and blew up when it found a following on the social media platform Instagram. 

For this beauty treatment, eyebrows are left sculpted and combed into shape, with results lasting up to eight weeks. The eyebrow lamination process mimics a perm for hair and is noninvasive. We advise that an experienced brow artist carry out brow lamination work and any other beauty service. 

The brow lamination process: 

  • Lifting cream is painted on the eyebrow. This product will break down the bond of the hair so that your technician can brush your brows into shape. 
  • The technician brushes the eyebrows so that the hairs are vertical and then into the desired shape. 
  • Neutralizer is applied to eyebrows. The neutralizer reforms the bond so that the hair will keep its new shape. 
  • Nourishing oils are added to soothe skin and to replace any moisture lost during the process. 

Eyebrow lamination should last six to eight weeks and can be maintained using brow wax and brow gel. The process and results can be compared to that of a lash lift, but for your brows. 

A lash lift is a process that uses a chemical to brush the lash up, so it stands out more. As with brow lamination, a neutralizer, then nourishing oils are added after. 

Immediately after you complete the process, eyebrows can take on any other desired treatment, from tinting to waxing. The ability to layer services in one appointment makes brow lamination a versatile treatment. 

Smoothing or combing eyebrows into place isn’t new. Soap brows have been around for decades and are used to get similar results as lamination. 

They can also be seen on social media, achieving a polished and groomed look for any eyebrows. Soap brows will only last until you wash your face. 

As with any beauty treatment, aftercare is a must to keep your desired results. Adhering to suggestions for aftercare is even more critical with this treatment because chemicals are involved.

  • 24 Hours after No steam, sweat, makeup, or skincare products applied to the area. 
  • 72 Hours after No retinol or exfoliators applied to the site.  

Not proceeding with proper aftercare can result in irritation and even infection. It is crucial to closely follow aftercare instructions when chemicals are involved. 

Brows on Fleek

A step in the process of brow lamination.Eyebrows are important because they frame your eyes, which say so much. Brow lamination is a perfect treatment to make your eyes pop. 

The benefits of brow lamination are that it can be a good treatment for those with brows of any type. If your brows are thin or sparse, brow lamination is excellent for filling in spaces, creating a full brow.

Lamination is perfect for thinner brow hair because it straightens and thickens individual strands. That will make them look more filled in, even as time passes after the treatment. 

If your brows are unruly or relatively thick, lamination can help you achieve a look that is polished and tamed. During lamination, the eyebrows are brushed upward, causing them to sit in an orderly way that looks regal and stylish. 

After 24 hours, the severity of the brows being brushed vertically will soften. The softening of the eyebrows will give them a more natural look but, they will maintain their shape. 

If your brows are incredibly sparse, brow lamination will help, but it may be worth looking into microblading. This technique is more of a commitment but can give you the appearance of more hair. 

Microblading is also very popular and offers a longer-term solution to grooming brows. You can compare microblading to tattooing, and the result can look very natural or structured. It all depends on what kind of eyebrow look you prefer. 

A brow artist will use a micro-blade tool to deposit pigment under the skin, much like tattooing. The artist will draw individual hairs onto the brow area. The drawing on each individual hair creates the look of a natural brow. 

Over time the color will fade, and you will need annual touch-ups to maintain the look. 

Small-Town Feel With Big-City Services

An interior shot of shampoo bowls at Mill Pond SalonOur salon in New London, Minnesota, is the place to experience brow lamination and other treatments you’re curious about. 

This treatment offers a solution for all types of brows and leaves our clients feeling beautiful. With proper maintenance, lamination can last about two months before needing to be done again. 

Waxing will also last about six weeks, but hairs can be seen growing again after four weeks. The shape becomes warped once hair begins to peek through. Lamination affords clients more time. 

Mill Pond Salon was founded with the client’s experience in mind. We pride ourselves in providing high-end services in a small-town setting, giving them the best experience available. 

Our stylists are educated in the latest techniques and treatments. Ongoing education provides clients with a choice of the best treatments and a great individual experience from knowledgeable and caring stylists. 

Reach out today to schedule your unique beauty experience. Our stylists are excited to work with you to create a look you’ll love.

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