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8 Stunning Types of Highlights to Ask Your Stylist For

A blonde with highlights at Mill Pond Salon

Summer is here, and with it comes weddings, BBQs, family photos, and reunions. What a great time to achieve the hair of your dreams with the right type of highlights for you! Make your appointment today at Mill Pond Salon in New London, MN, to start your summer off right.

The color specialists at Mill Pond Salon have a chair waiting just for you. The welcoming and relaxed bohemian farmhouse atmosphere is the perfect setting for your salon day.

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There Are So Many Types Of Highlights To Update Your Look

A fantastic way to update your look is by adding color with dimensional highlights. 

Whether you have dark-brown, red, blonde, or light-brown hair, there are lots of fun types of highlights to suit you. The color experts at Mill Pond Salon will choose the proper hair color technique specifically for you.

Let’s look at a few of the hottest trends for the summer.

1. Traditional HighlightsTraditional blonde highlights at Mill Pond Salon.

This hair color technique is also known as “foiling.” Your stylist lightens strands of hair from the root to the end. Then, they leave your natural hair color between the foils to create depth and dimension.

Very small sections of hair are brushed with bleach, then wrapped with foil. 

You can do full or partial highlights or focus on just highlighting the hair around your face.

2. BabylightsAn icy blond babylight balayage. Babylights and balayage are two types of highlights.

Babylights are a delicate way to give your hair that sun-kissed look. They’re more subtle than traditional highlights and will leave your hair with a lovely shimmer and glow. 

This hair color technique is perfect for someone:

  • Wanting a low maintenance look that will grow out nicely
  • Looking to change up their hairstyle without doing anything too drastic
  • Anyone with very fine hair. Why? Adding any color to your hair gives it a textural bump!

The foil application is the same as traditional highlights but with much smaller sections.

3. BalayageBeautiful blonde balayage at Mill Pond Salon in New London, Minnesota

Balayage, from the French term “to sweep,” is a sans foil highlighting technique that creates a seamless blend. Your experienced hair color technician at Mill Pond Salon literally hand-paints your hair! Balayage is often confused with a “look,” but it’s really a type of hair highlighting technique.

This technique is wildly versatile and can be done on any hair color or texture! A balayage gives your stylist more control to curate your perfectly blended or sun-kissed look.

Go soft and subtle with caramel highlights or bold and bright using a berry color. The versatility of a balayage will inspire you to think outside the box.

And? The maintenance is less than traditional highlights as your grow-out is more subtle. With traditional highlights, you’ll need a touch-up around eight weeks, whereas a balayage can stretch to 12 weeks or longer!

4. Foil-ayageFoil-yage at Mill Pond Salon in New London, MN

Same as a balayage, but your hair color specialist uses foil for extra lightening prowess. If a balayage seems too subtle, talk to your stylist about the end result of a foil-ayage.

This hair color technique is perfect for brunettes or those who want to be extra blonde. Because the hair is wrapped in foil, you’ll get those ooh-la-la vibrant strands of color.

For those who don’t want to ease into a new look, this color service is an excellent choice.

5. OmbréA purple to blue ombre at Mill Pond Salon.

Ombré comes from the French word that means “color that is shaded or graduated in tone.” This type of highlighting technique reaches all the way to the ends of your hair. 

A classic ombré starts with one color at the top of your head—the color graduates to another color or shadow tone at the ends of your hair.

This technique is often compared to a balayage. And although similar, the end result is different. 

How? This technique is done by horizontally placing lightener then blending upwards, whereas a balayage is a more vertical process.

In layman’s speech: ombré is more of a style, whereas balayage is a technique.

6. SombréA warm-toned, soft ombre highlighting technique.

If you feel the previous looks are too dramatic for you, then a Sombré is the way to go. 

Sombré is a mashup of the words “subtle” and “ombré,” resulting in a stunning, subtle, and feminine look.

The initial appointments for your highlights might require a higher beauty budget, but you’ll need fewer return visits for maintenance. Sweet!

7. Chunky HighlightsIcy white chunky highlights at Mill Pond Salon

This hot-comeback trend takes larger sections of hair, about 1-inch widths, and highlights them to produce a high-contrast look. Unlike the above techniques, the goal here is to create a chunky ‘n funky look.

This technique is excellent for all hair colors, from blondes to brunettes and more! Hairstreaks are back in style, and chunky lights give you an enviable high-contrast and bold look. 

Chunky lights are the perfect option for those who love to make a statement with their hair.

8. Dimensional HighlightsDimensional highlights on a brunette at Mill Pond Salon.

This technique speaks for itself. Dimensional means just that, adding dimension to your hair with contrasting lighter or darker shades.

Really, dimensional color is created once you add highlights of any kind. One technique a stylist may use to create dimensional color is using foils and multiple color formulas. For example, a stylist might use a blonde color formula and use a darker shade in alternating foils.

This can be achieved with partial or full highlights, lowlights, peek-a-boo highlights, etc.

Ask The Experts About All of the Types of HighlightsA during and after shot of foil highlights at Mill Pond Salon

The best starting place for your new look is with one of the hair color specialists at Mill Pond Salon. They offer a small-town feel with big-city services and help each client find confidence in their unique style.

Mill Pond Salon wants to offer you a salon experience that you’ll brag about. We’re here for you whether you want highlights, permanent makeup, hair extensions, or a beautiful new cut.

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  1. i really want highlights butt idk what they would look like on my hair color i have ginger and light brown but underneath its browner. i think i want blode highlight but i dont know.

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