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5 Things You Need To Know Before Getting a Fashion Hair Color

A woman with bright red hair after getting a fashion hair color at Mill Pond Salon.

Fashion hair colors can range from vibrant shades to pretty pastels. We have original and creative hair color ideas for you at our New London, Minnesota salon. 

Unnatural hair colors can bring you joy and change up your entire look. While we love gorgeous hair color trends, there are things you should know before you come to the salon. 

Fashion hair colors take time, maintenance, and patience. It’s impossible to go from black hair to silver in one day. 

If you are in the New London or Spicer area, Mill Pond Salon is here to help you achieve any of your fashion color goals. Call today and book your appointment.  

1. Fashion Hair Colors Need a Good Start

A client at Mill Pond Salon with beautiful blonde hair that is perfect base for a fashion hair color.

To achieve a fashionable hair color, you have to start with a white canvas. Bleach treatment is necessary if you have dark brown or brunette hair. 

If you do not achieve the right shade of blonde hair, it can affect your color in the end. 

If applied improperly, bleach can be very damaging to your hair. You don’t want patchy orange or brassy hues. 

If you want silver tones or ashy blonde highlights, brassy orange is not your friend. 

 If you have auburn hair, it can take multiple processes to achieve the desired color. Bright, vibrant colors turn out the best on pre-lightened hair. 

The application of bleach is best left to the professionals. Your stylist will get the right shade of blonde with minimal damage to your luscious locks. 

2. Perfection Takes Time

A before an after transformation of a client at Mill Pond Salon getting a purple fashion color.Dark hair color can take multiple sessions of lightening to get it to the optimal shade of blonde. More sessions will mean more time in the chair. You will want to keep this in mind when you talk to your stylist about a fashion color. 

It can also take multiple processes if your hair has already been pre-colored. It can be harder to lift a pre-existing color treatment, while virgin hair can lighten rather quickly. 

Your stylist can discuss how much time it will take to achieve your hair color goals. 

3. More Appointments, More Money

A hot pink fashion hair color on a client at Mill Pond Salon in New London, Minnesota.Fashion hair colors require multiple appointments; they will cost your stylist time and product. They demand more commitment than your typical coloring and will have you visiting the salon more frequently for upkeep. 

The cost of your hair color will depend on how your hair reacts to the lightening process and color. 

Before you dive into a world of color, talk to your stylist about the number of sessions and budget. 

4. Fashion Colors Fade Quickly

A bright turquoise fashion color on a blonde bob hair cut.You can achieve your rainbow hair dreams, but you should know that fashion colors fade fast. Fashion hair colors are semi-permanent treatments that naturally fade with time. 

Bright colors will fade from the hair within 4-8 weeks, while soft pastel tones can fade in 1-2 weeks. 

Most of the vibrant colors will fade from your hair little by little each wash. Bright red and green can stain your hair until it grows out enough to be cut out. 

The quick fading of color will require you to go to the salon more frequently. 

You must choose a knowledgeable stylist. A knowledgeable stylist will protect your hair from the damaging effects of hair colors. 

5. Fashion Hair Colors Require More Maintenance

A blue fashion hair color on a client at Mill Pond Salon.Bright unnatural or cool pastel colors can add flair to your overall look, but they require maintenance to keep your color fresh. Hair trends like rose gold and burgundy require more upkeep than traditional honey blondes.

The way to combat the fading process is to use high-quality aftercare products and a solid hair care routine.  

Here are a few other maintenance tips to keep in mind:

Skip Some Washes

Washing your hair too frequently will speed up the fading of your hair color. It’s a good idea to come up with a wash routine that works for you. 

Grab some dry shampoo for the days that you plan to skip a wash. It will keep your hair fresh until wash day. 

Use Cold Water

We all love our steamy, warm showers. However, hot water opens the cuticle of your hair and allows the color to flow from your hair to the drain. 

Cool water helps close the cuticle of your hair and keeps the pigment in your hair. If you can’t stand to wash your hair in cold water, use lukewarm water. You can always do a quick blast of cold water to close the hair shaft before drying and styling. 

Choose a Color-Depositing Conditioner

Add time to your fantastic color by using a color-depositing conditioner once a week. Along with keeping your hair soft and healthy, you will add a touch of pigment to keep your color fresh.

We love Maria Nila Color Refresh. Try adding this to your routine:

Apply the desired color to clean, towel-dried hair (70% dry is best), and let it soak for 3-10 minutes. Once finished soaking, rinse with lukewarm water to achieve the best results.

Maria Nila keeps your color-treated hair vibrant and nourished between your appointments. For more information about the Maria Nila line, ask your Mill Pond Salon stylist. 

Shade Your Strands

If you plan to spend an extended period in the sun, grab a hat or some spray-in protective conditioner. The sun’s harmful UV rays cause damage to your hair, just like your skin.

Not only does the sun cause damage, but it also fades your color. During the summer, you may spend more time at the salon keeping up with the sun. At Mill Pond Salon, we offer the Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil to help shield your hair and maintain your fashion hair color.

The winter months produce less sun exposure, and shorter days help keep your color intact between appointments. 

Visit Mill Pond Salon for the Hair of Your Dreams

A gorgeous purple to blue ombre fashion hair color.

The major takeaways are that fashion hair colors are high maintenance, expensive, and damaging when done incorrectly. If your hair is not pre-lightened enough, both bright, vivid colors and candy-colored pastels will look muddy or just wrong. 

Fashion colors are best left in the hands of skilled professionals. Before you take a colorful plunge, be ready for a maintenance-intensive hair regimen. 

When you are ready to make your hair goals a reality, call Mill Pond Salon to schedule an appointment for your gorgeous fashion color. Follow us on Facebook for fun giveaways and informational videos on salon services!

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